LED manufacturer Light Waves Concept, Inc. Light Waves Concept, Inc. recently reported plans to enter into mass production with its LED 3W MR16 prototype. The bulb, which is intended as a replacement for the standard dichroic MR16, is described by the company as the first light emitting diode capable of being used in widespread retrofits for its incandescent predecessor.

The MR16 uses 90% less energy than incandescent MR16s while boasting a near zero heat output and an eight-year lifespan. It produces a light output of around 80 lumens which, according to President Joel Slavis, makes it perfect for architectural applications in the home and office.

The “MR” stands for the multi-faceted reflectors lining the inside cone of the fixture surrounding the bulb which serve to focus illumination more directly and powerfully onto a desired surface. The brightness-enhancing design serves to circumvent the technology gap in LED luminosity.

“These lamps function perfectly in cabinet, counter, display, museum, and other task applications while using ten percent of the energy and lasting five to seven times as long as what we had before,” explained Slavis. “All the qualities of LEDs--the absence of heat, the long life--make the MR16 a perfect replacement with which to begin the LED revolution. This is a benchmark.”