Elation Professional’s new Vision Color 250 is more than a typical 250W color changer. Featuring a variable frost filter, accessory wheel, beam reducers, remote focus and seven DMX channels, the Vision Color 250 is a versatile piece of lighting gear that’s capable of doing double duty as a spotlight, gobo projector, or wash fixture.

Leading the Vision Color 250’s list of special features is its professional-quality variable frost filter, which lets users take away the hard edges of a spotlight and convert it to a soft edge wash-type effect. You can control exactly how much spotlight edge is seen—from a sharply defined edge to nothing at all. Until now, this distinctive wash-like frost feature was only available on larger, higher-wattage, more expensive color changers.

The Vision Color 250 color wheel features 10 dichroic filters, seven colors, UV, CTB, CTC plus white. It’s capable of continuous variable speed color scrolling in both directions. Overlaying the multi-color dichroic gobo and the colors on the color wheel creates additional color combinations.

The accessory wheel has slots where users can place their own colors and/or gobos for a customized lightshow. Users can even combine the colors on the color wheel with whatever is added to the accessory wheel to generate some mind-blowing compound effects. The beam reducers on two slots of the accessory wheel let you tailor both the width and angle of the light beam.

The Vision Color 250 features a motor-driven remote focus from near to far that, when used in combination with the accessory wheel, allows the unit to function as a gobo projector in addition to a color changer.

The Vision Color 250’s other features include: Elation’s exclusive Remote DMX Addressing (RDMX), an LED Display, sound-active mode and 3-pin XLR input/output. The unit’s shutter with dual flag mechanical dimming system is capable of a variable speed strobe effect (from 1–10 flashes per second) and preset variable/random strobe and dimming pulse effects. It measures 15"x14"x29.25 and comes with a heavy-duty yoke for safe and easy rigging.