Strand Lighting enjoyed another exciting LDI show for 2006. Visitors to the Strand Lighting booth got to see a host of products that will provide a number of solutions to meet the needs of entertainment venues around the world.

New Light Palette Control Consoles
Strand Lighting chose LDI to introduce their next generation of Light Palette controls consoles. The range includes three new models:

Light Palette Classic
The new Classic Light Palette offers the Palette OS graphical interface in a compact console. Each desk supports two standard dual playbacks and 12 submaster/playbacks for flexible control and operation. Dual video displays provide key data for programmers and the point and click graphical interface speeds production. All Palettes feature the powerful new suite of moving light controls that allow users to program lighting faster than ever.

Light Palette Live
Building on the Classic hardware the Live console adds 48 submasters allowing users to quickly run a live performance with lots of hands-on control. Like the Classic, the Live console supports 3000 control channels and moving light attributes. Expansion software allows the system to grow up to 8000 channels and Attributes to control even the largest rigs.

Light Palette VL
The VL extends the power of our consoles with 24 submasters and a 100 key keypad that allows the rapid selection of moving lights and control channels providing easy touch selection and programming for moving lights. The VL, like the rest of the range, also supports large touchscreen panels for added control and flexibility.

Pocket Palette
The next generation handheld remote for the whole Palette range provides users with more portable control than ever. Pocket Palette offers users a cue sheet, remote submaster control, channel level displays, plus a lamp check and focus remote functionality. Pocket Palette is offered on an industrial wireless handheld platform for exceptional reliability and performance.

New A21 Dimmer Rack
The new wall mount dimmer rack attracted a lot of attention from visitors as it was the first new product from Strand that offers IGBT dimming in addition to standard SCR dimming technology. The replacement for the popular Environ series dimmer racks A21 is a modular dimming system that supports a wide range of dimmers suitable for dimming fluorescent, incandescent, and low voltage loads. Convection cooled these racks provide quiet, low maintenance light control for a host of applications.

The new racks are fully integrated into the family of dimming and control products and support: ShowNet Ethernet, Outlook, and Premiere architectural controls as well as all the Entertainment control systems. A21 is available for use in 120 and 277 volt systems.

Strand Introduces Distributed Dimming
The new R21 and S21 family of powered raceway products garnered considerable attention at the show. The S21 series are standard products that support either 6 X 1.2kW dimmers or 3 X 2.4kW dimmers. R21, the Powered Raceway, is a made to order system that features IGBT dimming, integrated ShowNet networking, and the ability to provide network based remote processor access. All of these systems fully integrate with the C21 dimming systems and the new A21 dimmer racks.