Scharff Weisberg Lighting has made another significant addition to its inventory. As the first in North America to take delivery of BigLite's revolutionary Littlebig 3.0 from Zap Technology in Paris, the company will be able to offer unprecedented brightness and color saturation in indoor environments.

The Littlebig 3.0 is the first Xenon 3K lightweight enough to hang in a rig and use easily indoors as well as outdoors; it tips the scales at 187.5 lbs and measures only 3 feet tall, only 5 inches taller than a Vari*Lite 3500Q Spot. With full color mixing and two beam shapers, the Littlebig 3.0 is the fastest automated projector on earth, running its full 630° pan in less than one second.

"We're hugely excited about this new acquisition," comments Scharff Weisberg Lighting's vice president of sales, Chris McMeen. "Littlebig 3.0 is a wash light with the kind of power previously only seen in outdoor lights—but you can use Littlebig indoors. It's incredibly bright even with deeply saturated color mixing. It can send a direct beam with a huge amount of output. We see Littlebig 3.0 being used by our clients as a new effect for special events and also for television since the Xenon lamp’s color temperature is the closest to daylight you can get.”

The Littlebig 3.0 Xenon is developed and manufactured in France by ZAP Technology with the expertise it gained through the success of its acclaimed BigLite 4.5 Xenon. This revolutionary large-format automated Xenon fixture has a compact, modular and evolutionary design, which enhances its capability and versatility for indoors uses. The Littlebig 3.0 offers lighting designers real time CMY color mixing, diffusion with electronic strobe and many other customizable effects. It also has energy-saving heat output and bulb life.

Martin Professional is the exclusive distributor for BigLite in the US.