Robe Show Lighting will showcase its latest moving light and digital lighting products at the 2007 Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt, Germany.

These will include the ColorWash 2500E AT, the new 700 Series, Robe’s StageQube 324, and the DigitalSpot 5000 DT, complete with new functions. Robe will also show the new StageFaze 1500AT and its powerful, expediently sized Club Series of moving lights.

ColorWash 2500E AT
The ColorWash 2500E AT is the most powerful wash light currently available in Robe range. Using the MSR GOLD 1200 SA/SE FastFit lamp and a 1400W electronic ballast, the fixture offers an extremely smooth linear motorized zoom, full CMY + CTO color mixing system, 2 color wheels with six easily replaceable slots and combined dimmer/shutter unit.

700 Series
Also highlighted is Robe’s newly released 700 Series of moving heads—featuring the ColorSpot 700E AT, ColorWash 700E AT, and the ColorWash 750AT Tungsten. These are ideal for all professional applications and installations. The ColorWash 750AT Tungsten is perfect for theatre, TV, and architectural situations.

ColorSpot 700E AT
The ColorSpot 700E AT utilizes an MSR GOLD 700 FastFit lamp and full CMY and CTO color mixing systems. There’s also a color wheel with seven replaceable "Slot&Lock" dichroic filters; a static gobo wheel with 9 replaceable "Slot&Lock" gobos, and a rotating gobo wheel with seven replaceable "Slot&Lock" gobos, a replaceable animation wheel and a rotating three-facet prism. The impressive zoom range is 15º to 51° and there’s also dimmer, shutter, strobe effects.

ColorWash 700E AT
The ColorWash 700E AT is the first Robe wash fixture using the MSR Gold 700 FastFit lamp. This powerful moving head offers a full CMY and CTO color mixing system, a color wheel with 7 replaceable "Slot&Lock" dichroic filters, a rotating beam shaper, and a linear zoom range of 6° to 45°.

ColorWash 750AT Tungsten
This completes the current 700 Series range. The ColorWash 750AT Tungsten´s potent 750W halogen lamp makes it ideal for theatre, TV, and architectural markets, requiring color temperatures of 3200K. The uniform beam path has no hotspots, and features warm color tones and smooth electronic dimming. The fixture has a shutter for variable strobe effects, a full CMY color mixing system, a rotating beam shaper, and a linear zoom ranging between 8° and 45°.

StageQube 324
Robe’s revolutionary StageQube 324 is a new-generation of LED panel designed for ‘plug & play’ application that doesn’t require any external power supply or control boxes. The complete electronics are located in the IP54 housing, and an integrated rigging system means that very large systems can be built quickly and easily. The resolution of StageQube 324 is 18 x 18 px at a size of 80 x 80 cm (a pixel pitch of 4.44 cm). The StageQube 324 system uses a video input (VGA) that is connected to the StageQube Server. Using a Robe Media Hub, it can be DMX controlled—offering intuitive control via a lighting desk.

DigitalSpot 5000DT
The new DigitalSpot 5000 DT is a 5500 ANSI Lumen output digital moving head projector.

The highly versatile Robe DigitalSpot 5000 DT offers two digital gobo layers with the selection of up to 244 x 255 video clips or images per layer. Two independent effects channels on each gobo layer offer 120 effects including kaleidoscope, squeeze in/out, alpha or black flash, Gaussian filter, Laplacian filter, gobo disc mirror, and color key effects.

There’s also individual X and Y positioning and a scaling (zoom effect) for each gobo layer, plus rotating and indexing with continuous rotation for each gobo layer, and adjustable playback speed.

Additional functions include Picture Merging in fields of up to 8x8 DigitalSpot 5000DTs with full precise synchronization, full remote configuration using a www browser, digital keystoning, a CMY color mixing system, strobe effect, mechanical iris, zoom and focus, digital iris, and digital framing shutters.

Supported video formats include MPEG1 and 2, and image formats include PNG, TGA, BMP, and JPG.

S-Video and VGA inputs for direct video input to data projectors are ideal for performing presentations, and S-Video and Composite live video inputs enable the use of the fixture’s potent Graphics Engine effects.

DigitalSpot 5000DT is aimed at all professional entertainment and leisure applications including concert touring, theatre, and television productions, presentations of all types, clubs, multi-purpose venues and any situation integrating moving lights and digital imagery into the overall visual design.

StageFaze 1500AT
The StageFaze 1500AT is the latest and most powerful of Robe’s professional fazers. It is designed to produce very large volumes of faze quickly and quietly and has a specially designed vibration-fee air compressor for almost silent operation. The StageFaze 1500AT has a 2.5 Litre tank capacity and contains a 1500W heater.

Robe Club Series
Robe’s new Club Series of moving lights includes the ClubSpot 150, 160, 300, 500, and 600 CT and the ClubWash 500 and 600 CT models as well as several lighting effects fixtures.

These are all fully featured and are designed to cover a whole range of club applications—from the smallest to the largest installations, dance floors and venues.

The ColorSpot 600CT is based on Robe’s phenomenally popular Spot 575 XT, using a 575 discharge lamp, remotely controlled motorized focus and all the other features. The ColorWash 600 CT has all the favorite features of Robe’s Wash 575 XT and many more.