Elation Professional has made a powerful addition to its Power series of moving head fixtures. The company has launched the brightest and mightiest Power Spot yet -- the Power Spot 700, a 700-watt unit that fires out a massive 1,200-watt output.

One of the secrets behind the Power Spot 700’s powerful output is its Philips lamp design. The lamp is able to heat up to an extremely high color temperature–rated at 7,500°K–which amplifies its brightness. Additionally, the size of the fixture allows for a tighter optical path, another factor that serves to improve lumen output.

“Being able to get 1,200-watt fixture type output in a 700-watt unit offers a number of big advantages to productions, lighting designers and rental houses,” says Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “The Power Spot 700 is much more compact and lightweight than 1,200-watt fixtures, so it’s easier to work with. Plus, its price tag is lower and you get more for your energy dollar. You can put more fixtures on one circuit for greater efficiency. We have done the comparisons…now is your chance!”

But there’s more to the Power Spot 700 than raw power. The 21-DMX-channel fixture in 16 bit mode is loaded with an features, such as two color wheels with 16 total interchangeable dichroic filters offering split colors, color scrolling, and color correction filters. There are also three gobo wheels with a total of 23 gobos–the most offered of any unit in its class, including one wheel with seven interchangeable rotating gobos and one wheel with nine interchangeable static gobos. All of this comes mounted in a patent pending modular housing that allows users to easily and quickly fold out to change gobos and colors in a snap.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about the Power Spot 700 is a soon-to-be-available optional CMY Color Mixing Module (sold separately). The module can be swapped with the standard color/gobo module to provide CMY mixing, enabling users to create a virtually limitless spectrum of colors including variable color correction (CTO). With this module the unit runs off 24-channel DMX (16 bit mode), and while it looses one rotating gobo wheel and one fixed color wheel the addition of an animation effect wheel is included for creating dynamic vertical and horizontal effects such as clouds, rain, fire and water. Power Spot 700 units will also be available with the CMYC Module factory-installed (at a higher price).

The Power Spot 700 also comes equipped with a 14°-32° linear Zoom, which allows you to change the size of the gobo images by “zooming” in and out. Another terrific feature is a variable-control Frost Filter that transforms the beams’ appearance from a soft edge wash to a hard edge spotlight, allowing for greater versatility of use.

Beam thickness can also be varied, since the Power Spot 700 includes a full-functioning Iris that ranges from narrow to wide (4%-100%). The Iris features variable speed macros and a pulse effect.

The Power Spot 700 also includes a three-facet rotating Prism effect, motorized Focus, and a variable speed Strobe effect. As a moving yoke fixture, the Power Spot 700 provides full area coverage with a maximum pan of 540° and maximum tilt of 280° with movements and speeds ranging from extreme fast to super smooth, best in its class.

“Users can buy the Power Spot 700 with the standard color wheels and then upgrade to the CMY mixing module at a later time if they choose,” says Loader. “We are offering this option to make the Power Spot 700 more flexible to the user’s needs.”

Elation has also catered to users’ needs with other features, such as an internal modular construction, which makes the Power Spot 700 easy to service. Should a problem arise, the module can simply be slid out of the unit and serviced. Another user-friendly feature is a lightweight electronic ballast and auto-switching power supply (90-260 V/50-60 Hz), which helps keep the unit at a trim 63 lbs.

In addition to being lightweight, the Power Spot 700 has a very compact case, measuring just 19”L x 14”H x 29”W. It comes with a Philips MSR 700/2 700-watt 7500°K 1000-hour lamp. The unit is also being submitted for CETL approval as well.

After a summer-long period of field-testing the units in the market, mass production has now started on the Power Spot 700 and it will be available for purchase in October and can be seen at the Elation Professional booth #1039 at the 2006 LDI show in Las Vegas. The MSRP of the Power Spot 700 with standard color wheels is $7,999.99.