At the event and entertainment exhibition SIB in Rimini (Italy) Philips introduces “FastFit," a new lamp concept for Philips MSR Gold™ 700 SA/SE, Philips MSR Gold™ 1200 SA/SE, and Philips Hi-Brite 1200W. The rear load lamp base system, developed by Philips and Bender & Wirth, enables easy lamp replacement and adjustments in seconds in difficult stage conditions and reduces the overall lamp considerably.

With Philips FastFit for both halogen and HID, the overall lamp length, including the lamp holder, can be reduced by more than 25%¬–allowing for more compact and lighter fixture designs. The FastFit technology will be used for both HID and Halogen lamps that brings about multi-usage of the fixture.

In close partnership, several leading manufacturers are introducing fixtures suitable for the lamp base system for various applications in the market. During this year, several FastFit-based fixtures for halogen and HID lamps will be launched.