Zero 88/A.C.T Lighting’s ORB is a theatrical console designed to provide control of LEDs, moving lights, and media servers. Building on the platform of the existing Leap Frog and Frog 2 ranges, the 2,048-channel console features two DMX universes via 5-pin XLR or four DMX universes via Ethernet; 200 submasters, 1,000 memories, two playback faders, go button, and a full effects engine. Macros are onboard for auto-palettes, groups, and fixtures. Additional features include 1,000 each of color, beamshape, position, and effect palettes; 1,000 fixture groups; 1,000 user-definable macros, four onboard USB ports; two XGA monitor outputs; and an extensive fixture library. Industry-standard Ethernet protocols and visualizers are supported, as is free PDA software. Adding a suitable wireless access point provides wireless remote control of the console. A free offline editor is also available.