New PixelRange lighting fixtures for PLASA 2006 include two PixelLine Micros, compact versions of the 1044 and 110 battens. The PixelLine Micro E is a three-cell effects batten featuring 174 high-brightness red, green, and blue 5mm LEDs. The PixelLine Micro W is a wash batten containing 22 red, green, blue, and amber Luxeon K2 LEDs. Both fixtures feature completely new software including 16 bit intensity personalities and a sophisticated user programmable effects engine that can be synchronized across multiple fixtures. Both units can be integrated with full size battens allowing extensive creative design opportunities.

Also new is a range of innovative video battens available in different lengths allowing them to be arranged in abstract arrays, offering a unique approach to displaying video on LED products. The system is made of a small footprint master, which converts video or Artnet into a high-bandwidth proprietary protocol. This allows large numbers of pixel-based fixtures to display full frame rate video.

There will be a competition to name this product at PLASA, so please post your entry at stand F70. And there will be a prize for the winner!

All PixelRange products will be available for demonstration, including PixelPar 90, PixelBrick 22, PixelEight, PixelLine 110, and PixelLine 1044. PixelRange is a certified Luxeon luminaire manufacturer.