The Martin MAC 700 Profile is a mid-sized moving head that is designed to fill the gap between the 575W MAC 550 and the 1200W MAC 2000 Profile.

The MAC 700 combines a 700W double-ended lamp and new glass reflector technology with a superior optical system for remarkable light output. MAC 700 lenses come with optical coatings to decrease light loss and to provide a better projection quality. The lens system also comes with remote focus control. A full CMY color mixing system and eight-position color wheel are included, and all colors are replaceable. Other key features for the theatrical market are an animation wheel and a Quiet Mode option. The MAC 700 includes the same gobo animation system that was pioneered by Martin in the MAC 2000 Performance; the system includes two gobo wheels, a six slot plus open rotating gobo wheel with 16-bit accuracy, and a nine slot plus open fixed gobo wheel.

A fully motorized zoom is capable of beam angles from 14º to 30º. The MAC 700 houses a combined dimmer/shutter, a motorized iris, and a replaceable, rotating, 3-facet prism. A new pan and tilt motor driver system provides speed for a mid-sized fixture, and pan movement is 540º by 246º of tilt. An intelligent position correction system automatically returns the fixture to its original position if knocked out of place.

The MAC 700 is only available with electronic ballast. This allows for flicker free operation, lower weight, extended lamp life, and a power saving mode.