A.C.T Lighting is proud to be exhibiting at LDI for the 14th consecutive year at booth #1003.

A.C.T Lighting is the exclusive North American distributor for MA Lighting and Zero88, and is the sole US distributor for MDG Smoke, Fog & Haze generators. A.C.T Lighting also distribute products from Brother, Brother & Sons, ELC, Selecon, Reel EFX, and cable & electrical devices from many manufacturers. The company also manufactures and distributes finished cable assemblies, standard and custom.

New products at A.C.T Lighitng's LDI 2007 booth include:

Zero 88 Jester
Feature packed 24 and 48 channel memory consoles for the mid level user, The Jester is a new lighting console from Zero 88. It offers direct control of up to 48 channels of DMX either using submasters or a traditional theatre playback stack. A monitor port is standard on the Jester. Channel, cuestack, and submaster data can all be viewed using the monitor. An onboard LCD screen also provides the user with all information needed to operate the console allowing it to be used without a monitor.

Zero 88 Jester ML
The Jester ML series of lighting consoles from Zero 88 offers users a cost effective solution for control of up to 30 moving lights. The consoles have effects engines, the ability to store palettes or preset focuses, and use the comprehensive Zero 88 fixture library. The Jester ML24 also offers direct control of 24 dimmer channels. Playback is either via 24 submasters of through a traditional theatrical cue stack.

MA grandMA Pico
MA Lighting has expanded its grandMA range with a new member, the grandMA Pico. The new console is specifically designed for the use in theatres and the hardware has been optimized to meet their needs. Similar to the larger consoles of the grandMA range, a number pad, a go-plus, a go-minus, and a pause key are all present. One color touchscreen display, five manual faders, five physical playback buttons (on 128 pages), 1,024 DMX channels and free visualization software make the grandMA Pico the perfect introductory console. Additionally it is possible to connect one remote and up to four grandMA video stations. The console utilizes the same syntax, windows, and menus as the larger consoles. Because of its tiny footprint the grandMA pico is perfect for smaller theatres.