Artistic Licence Rail-Patch

Rail-Patch is a simple connection device for DIN Rail installations. It is available with either male or female 5-pin XLR connectors. It is used to provide cable entry into the installation equipment without the need to for special cables. The product has an XLR mounted on one edge and a 3-pin screw terminal on the other. Custom variations can also be produced.
Artistic Licence
Middlesex, UK
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Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1200

Alpha Spot HPE 1200 features a 1200W HTI Osram discharge lamp and a large, newly designed effects section, CMY color mixing, and electronic linear zoom of 10° to 40°. A graphics system is comprised of 20 gobos and one animation disc: two rotating gobo wheels, each with six bi-directional, indexable, and interchangeable decorative glass and dichroic gobos; morphing effect; one wheel with eight fixed and interchangeable gobos; variable rotation and selectable gobo shake function; and a 120mm animation disc that may be used alone or in combination with gobos, equipped with a fast clamping system to quickly switch with other animation discs. Additional features include seven-color wheel with pure and selected colors; hot restrike; 100% dimmer on a dedicated channel; two bi-directional rotating prisms; three frost filters; stop/strobe effect; and high speed mechanical iris.
Clay Paky America, Inc.
Valencia, CA
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Coemar Director 768

Director 768 is a DMX controller with two XLR3 sockets for 768 DMX channels. Pan and tilt are controlled through two high sensitivity wheels. Features include 1,024 programmable scenes, 72 programs of 99 scenes, sound-to-light mode, and adjustable speed. Control of programs is possible via standard jack stereo connector for audio input and connection to PC via a RS232 connector to record data and to update software and device library. The LED display user interface features selectable language.
Coemar USA
Sunrise, FL
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Barco ScreenPRO II

The ScreenPRO II High Resolution Seamless Switcher is a multi-layer video display system that combines seamless switching with a variety of flexible video effects for live event staging and fixed installation applications. Appropriate for use whenever multiple video sources must be seamlessly switched, it uses four image layers (unscaled background, up to two scaled PIPs or keys, and an unscaled downstream key) to produce effects, including transitioning backgrounds, transitioning PIPs, wipes, dissolves, and keys. Additional features include native high-resolution background channels independent of the PIP/KEY processing channels; 10-bit processing; 1:1 pixel sampling; motion adaptive de-interlacing (SD and HD); 3:2 and 2:2 pull down detect; image cropping; aspect ratio correction; low video delay; Z-order control; and look ahead preview.
Sacramento, CA
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Studio Due XS1200 Moving Head

The Studio Due XS1200 is a 1200W moving head spot with dual rotating gobo wheels, 17° to 27° optical zoom, two prisms, three frost options, two color wheels, color correction, iris, and shutter. The 5-pin DMX input is optically isolated and power is self-switching from 95 to 260V- 47/63Hz. The fixture can house either a 575W, 700W, or 1200W lamp, and the lamp supply is self-switching, making only the physical lamp change necessary. This allows for a variety of applications, from short throw to arena use with a simple lamp change out.
Orlando, FL
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LSI 230 Spotlight and 231 Wall Wash Series

The 230 Spotlight and 231 Wall Wash Series fixtures feature a removable front hinge assembly, which makes changing the fixture front possible without tools, allowing transformation from a spotlight to a wall wash. The architectural styling of the 230 Series Spotlight makes it suited to interior spaces such as museums and galleries, exhibits, and similar areas requiring a visually quiet, glare free light. Features include an integral cross baffle, internal cartridge for multiple accessories, two-tone paint for light control and lockable front rotation, allowing the preset orientation of the fixture to remain through maintenance routines. The 231 Series Wall Wash is designed to evenly light vertical surfaces from top to bottom. This is achieved by combination of a 50° by 50° spread lens and a kicker reflector. Both units will accept all PAR30 lamps up to 75W. These units are available in 120V and 230V configurations, as well as a variety of finishes.
Lighting Services Inc.
Stony Point, NY
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Martin Architectural RainMAC

Because rainwater can leak into the base of a lighting fixture and damage electrical circuitry causing all types of problems, RainMAC ensures rain stays off MAC fixtures. The UV-resistant guard was designed with input from rental companies who are often in situations where full protection domes are impractical to install, yet where rain is likely. The molded compound plastic guard fits all MAC moving head fixtures. It has 12 slots for all Omega Bracket positions and attachment points for the safety wire. Plastic covers close the unused slots, deflecting any moisture. Units stack together for easy storage and transport.
Martin Architectural
Aarhus, Denmark
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American DJ Flash Beam

Flash Beam is a sound-activated color-changing moonflower effect with a large beam spread that is equipped with a high-velocity cooling fan for continuous running without overheating. Designed for clubs and mobile DJs, the fixture is constantly in motion and includes four dichroic colors — icy blue, bright yellow, burning red, and chemical green — plus white. The unit operates as a basic plug-and-play fixture. Additional features include a hanging bracket, an easy access lamp replacement door, and a LL-64514 120V, 300W lamp.
American DJ
Los Angeles, CA
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Grace Corporation Orus 1200 Spot

The new Osiris line of moving head fixtures includes the Orus 1200 Spot, Isis 575 Wash, and Isis 575 Spot. The Orus 1200 Spot features a 1,200W HSI lamp with power consumption at 1,600W. Controlled via DMX, features include an adjustable aperture; eight main colors adding eight mixed colors, achieving high speed single-way rainbow and scrolling effect; mechanical linear dimmer and high speed strobe; horizontal 540° and vertical 252° scanning range; precise adjustment on horizontal and vertical position; precise speed adjustment on horizontal and vertical position; stopper function on the rotating effect wheel and position moving; six fixed gobos; five rotating gobos; internal pattern rotating function; gobo position adjustment; automatic focus; double color temperature effect; three primary color effect (CMY; three primary speed adjustments; built-in overheat protection; and high voltage protection.
Grace Audio Technologies
Temecula, CA
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Cyborg is an effects fixture with flower-like crisscrossing and rotating rays that shoot through colored lenses for a three-dimensional appearance. The unit is sound activated and relatively small in size and weight, making it particularly suited for mobile DJs or for events where ease of transportation, installation, and operation are priorities. It is outfitted with two 300W bulbs and features a 90° beam spread.
Hollywood, FL
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Innovate Show Controls BlueLite X1 Version 1.2

Version 1.2 of the BlueLite X1's downloadable software now supports up to 16 DMX universes (8,192 channels) and includes full compatibility with LewLight's Capture 3.0 CAD and visualization program. Existing users may add universes to their standard four-universe systems in four-universe increments. As with the original X1, there are no restrictions on channel usage or fixture counts. Version 1.2's support for Capture 3.0 is via LewLight's CITP protocol. This allows Capture to be run on the same Windows 2000/XP machine as the BlueLite X1 or on two separate machines connected via a LAN. In addition to basic DMX data exchange, version 1.2 supports more advanced CITP options, allowing features like Capture's auto focus of moving fixtures to be reflected on the X1 and fixture selections on the X1 to be visually indicated on the Capture CAD and Live views.
Legend Theatrical
Santa Cruz, CA
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Soundsculpture New Features for RC4

Several new features and components for RC4 Wireless Dimming will be introduced at ETS-LDI2005 in Orlando. Most notably, all RC4s (there are four integrated with most RC4 receivers) now provide flicker-free LED dimming that appears exceptionally linear. This is achieved with an upgraded microprocessor that delivers variable frequency pulse-width-modulation and on-the-fly inverse-square-law calculations. New features have been added to support NiCad and NiMH batteries. The dimmer monitors the incoming battery voltage and adjusts output to never exceed the equivalent of 12V. RC4 radio and dimmer electronics work over a voltage range from 8V to 18V, so they keep running when batteries are low.
Soundsculpture Incorporated
Cheektowaga, NY
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Lamina Ceramics New Optics and Connectors for BL-4000 line

A new plug-and-play, optics, and no-solder installation system is now available for the BL-4000 line of LED light engines. Working with Fraen Corporation, Lamina has unveiled optics in narrow (10° to 15°), medium (30°), and wide (45°) beam distributions. The optics and holders and solder-less “EZ Connect” attachment board and wire harness will be supplied through the company's global distribution network. Each optic beam features a software-optimized aspheric profile combined with a front-shaped micro lens. The high collection efficiency reaches 85% of the total flux generated by BL-4000 light engines, with the holder providing the proper relative placement between the lens and light engine. The optics are assembled in holders which are designed to attach to Lamina's new EZConnect attachment board using epoxy or silicone adhesive. The light engines are designed for popular drive currents, feature integrated protection from electrostatic discharge (ESD), and an isolated metal base.
Lamina Ceramics
Westampton, NJ
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VectorWorks Version 11.5.1

Nemetschek North America has released the version 11.5.1 update to its entire VectorWorks product line. The free update is downloadable, and users in the US interested in a CD should contact the customer service department. International users should contact their local distributor. Download VectorWorks 11.5.1 at
Nemetschek North America
Columbia, MD
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PULSAR ChromaStrip2 Custom Colors

ChromaStrip2 is now available in custom color LED configurations, including the option of white. With the single population option, a single LED color is provided at the same intensity as when using a single channel of the standard RGB ChromaStrip2. Power and single channel dimmable control is provided by the ChromaZone, with up to 3.6m driven from each output. With the triple population option, a single LED color is provided at three times the intensity of the single channel of the standard RGB ChromaStrip2. Again, power and single channel dimmable control is provided by the ChromaZone but here with up to 1.2m driven from each output.
Pulsar Light of Cambridge Ltd.
Cambridge, UK
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