Element Labs

Versa PIXEL's first appearance was as a custom product for O2 at Cebit, but it is now a standard product offering. Features include 100% compatibility with existing Versa control systems, which means true video control and 30-bit color at 30fps. A variety of stock pixel sizes and shapes are available, from 5mm point source to large format diffuse pixels. Shapes include flat round, flat square, hemisphere, cube, etc. Custom pixel sizes and shapes are also available. Output is greater than 1000 cd/m2. Scalable data and power distribution system with integrated power/data cabling is included.
Element Labs, Inc.
Austin, TX
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LEDPro is an all-in-one signal processor that complements the existing D320 image processing line. It provides a solution for applications that do not require the advanced window features found in the D320, accepting both analog and digital video input signals, and processes them to drive Barco LED walls. The unit incorporates front panel controls. Four universal inputs accept a combination of RGBHV/RGBS/RGsB computer video, component video (standard or HDTV), s-video, composite video, DVI, and SDI/HDSDI sources. Features include: proprietary Athena scaling technology for enhanced image quality with very low transport delay; 10-bit processing with 1:1 sampling for superior image quality; 64 independent memory presets; Motion Adaptive De-interlacing (SD&HD); Ethernet for real-time control; contrast and gamma adjustments; and scaler sharpness control. Effects include: user-defined aspect ratio conversion and adjustments; pan and zoom; freeze; logo store/recall; and transition to/from stored logo.
Barco Media & Entertainment
Sacramento, CA
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The my575 wash fixture features a Philips MSR 575/2 lamp, pan of 630°, tilt of 265°, and an electronic zoom that ranges from 7° to 28°. The zoom is complemented by a beam shaper effects wheel, and full-color mixing is provided via cyan, magenta, and yellow progressive color wheels. The magenta and yellow are capable of producing extremely deep colors — for instance, a very close rendition of Congo blue. A color effects wheel incorporates five color dichroics and two color temperature filters. There is also a frost effect, dimmer, and strobe. The digital address and display allows for a variety of functions to be accessed, such as lamp control (on/off), pan and tilt reverse, and lamp and fixture hours. Color macros have been preprogrammed, enabling quick access to color effects. The fixture can also be set to run without a lighting board. Cues may be downloaded into the onboard re-programmable processor for replay. Additionally, it can be placed in a master/slave configuration or be controlled via a sound input. Mounting hardware, safety cable, and a 50' DMX cable are included.
Group One Ltd.
Farmingdale, NY
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Robe Show Lighting
StudioWash 750H AT

StudioWash is the first Robe fixture using a halogen light source. Benefits include uniform beam path without hotspots, warm color tones, and smooth electronic dimming. The fixture is based on the ColorWash 1200E AT, so it features similar functionality, power, and advantages: full CMY, two color wheels with slot and lock system, linear zoom of 13° to 44° as a standard (extendable to 87° if a front wide-angle lens is used), and shutter for variable strobe effects. The fixture is also extremely quiet in operation, making it well-suited for theatre, TV, and architectural markets.
Robe America
Sunrise, FL
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Holo-Drape is a holographic drape-type product that incorporates several holographic films laminated to 13oz. flame retardant black vinyl. The company's ultra-thin semi-transparent holographic film patterns — Holo-Sheen, Northern Lights, Holo-Plaid, and Holo-Lens — are laid over the vinyl using an optically clear adhesive. The drape includes grommets or pockets for hanging from a pipe, truss, or via other methods, and it can be rolled up for shipping. The drape can be used as a stage backdrop, to line tent interiors, as ceiling décor, in entryways, or it can be used as a floor runner.
Holo-Walls, LLC
Westlake Village, CA
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Show Designer 2CF

Show Designer 2CF features a built-in compact flash drive. Faster and more reliable than a disk, the compact flash drive lets users store the controller's entire memory on one 64MB compact flash card. Offering control over 1,024 DMX channels, it has two universe outputs that can be “split” to run different presentations in two separate areas. Suited to concerts, stage productions, and clubs, it commands up to 48 fixtures (up to 32 channels each) with 1,152 programmable chases, 4,752 programmable scenes, 1,152 programmable shows, and 1,152 programmable presets. It can operate a wide range of DMX-compatible lighting products and comes pre-programmed with a library of fixture settings. There are also fixture profiles available for download for more detailed channel information. The compact flash drive can accept input from any PS2 compatible computer keyboard, allowing users to type in names for scenes, chases, and shows. The controller is designed for regular tabletop-style use but also includes removable rubber rails that transform the unit into a six-space, 19” rack mount. Other features include an 80-character backlit LCD display, a pan/tilt joystick, 48 multi-function quick-access buttons, eight faders for scene master playbacks, scene preview with “Go” feature, RS232 port for PC interfacing, RCA audio input for chases, and four encoder wheels for navigating through the menu options and accessing fixture attributes. Also included is an effects engine with 48 factory-installed chases and factory-ready color, gobo, and focus presets.
Elation Control Systems
Los Angeles, CA
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The Equipchaine® is an electromechanical chain-lifting device specifically designed for theatrical applications. Each device consists of several modular elements connected together to suit the structural environment. Several chain drop positions are linked by the same drive mechanism that can be used to lift lighting bars, stage sets, and curtains of various lengths. The lifting mechanism is fully integrated within its own truss structure for easy fixing into existing spaces. The length of each corresponds almost exactly to the fly bars that it lifts. The forces transmitted to the supporting structure are all vertical. The device can be simply placed on a primary structure and moved manually, and it exists in a format integrating a system of trolleys for deployment of one or several units to the required position above a scenic space.
LTM — Lift Turn Move
Wirra, UK
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Lex Products

HEX is a 200A three phase to eight 50A 220VAC weatherproof distribution system using a HEX enclosure type. Features include fully insulated, heavy-duty molded rubber enclosure for shock, impact, corrosion, and weather resistance. Input is via five-wire 18” male cam type tails; output is via eight 50A 3P4W 220VAC “California Style” locking outlets (2H, N & G). Overcurrent protection is provided by eight 50A, two-pole branch circuit rated breakers. Custom configurations, individual connectors, and inter-connecting cable assemblies are available.
Lex Products Corp.
Stamford, CT
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Lighthouse Technologies
PopVision Display

PopVision is a portable, self-contained “pop-up” high brightness LED video screen. Designed for entertainment, event, and marketing venues where mobility is a priority, it features proprietary technology, enabling a high-resolution screen. Designed for aesthetic integration and with brightness level up to 3,000 nits, it is suitable for any digital signage network (new or existing) where LCD, plasma, and projection systems are not appropriate. It can also be used in outdoor applications and seen in direct sunlight with the proper weatherproof housing. The 6mm screen is contained in a 5'×2' mobile case with a wireless remote and hydraulic system that enables the display to pop up for fast set up. The hydraulic power lift mechanism works off dual-voltage input with 100VAC and 240VAC. It is based on the technology behind Lighthouse's M6 self-contained, fixed-installation display. The company plans to extend this family of products to address other rental and staging and mobile digital signage applications. The screens are available in 56” and 80” diagonal formats. Additional features include: 140° horizontal viewing angle; 4.4 trillion color capability; 50/60-frame-per-second frame rate; display input for RGB HV, SDI, RGB, YUV, YC, composite, PAL/NTSC, VGA overlay (HDTV and HDSDI optional); lifetime 50,000 hours to half brightness.
Lighthouse Technologies Limited
Irvine, CA
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YPOC 700

The YPOC 700 is a 700W moving head fixture with a zoom lens and three gobo wheels. Within a zoom angle range of 14° to 32°, the projections are illustrated with high precision and sharpness. The electronic ballast reduces the weight and creates a flicker-free light output, a higher life span of the lamp, and in conjunction with the high-quality optics, a higher luminous efficiency. It can be operated with all worldwide usual electricity mains (90V-260V/50-60Hz) without any range selection. Features include the latest microprocessor technology; three gobo wheels, two with seven rotating and indexable glass gobos plus open and one with nine interchangeable static metal gobos plus open; two color wheels; rotating and indexable three-facet prism; precise pan (540°) and tilt (280°) movements; and very quiet temperature controlled fan system.
Karlsbad, Germany
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1560 Case

Based on the 1550 Case, the 1560 Case has more than 2,800 cubic inches of possible storage space. Features include rubberized front and side grips for maximum comfort, as well as ball bearing, polyurethane wheels, and an extension handle with an easy release latch. It also features stainless steel reinforced padlock protectors for added defense against cutting and theft. Optional accessories such as TSA-Accepted PeliLocks, lid organizers, and padded divider sets are available. The cell-core construction helps it excel in some of the most extreme conditions. Additional standard features include a lid equipped with a polymer sponge o-ring for a dustproof and waterproof seal and a Gore-Tex® purge valve that stops moisture from entering the case and automatically balances interior and exterior air pressure.
Pelican Products
Torrance, CA
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Ocean Optics
Updates SeaChanger Color Engine

The SeaChanger Color Engine is a CYM color changer for ETC Source Four® ellipsoidals that uses patented dichroic filter technology to create a virtually endless palette of stable, reproducible colors that do not shift or fade with time or temperature. Robust, ceramic-like filters offer resistance to heat and humidity, eliminating the need for cooling fans. Several updates have been made on the newer, full-production model including: improved mechanical design for silent operation; an optional additional magenta wheel in place of the dimmer wheel for deeper reds and blues; improved DMX interface for speed and control DMX capabilities for each channel; and RDM capability. The power supply and other controls are now inside the housing.
Ocean Optics
Dunedin, FL
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High End Systems
Wholehog 3 v1.3.8 Software

Version 1.3.8 software for the Wholehog® 3 operating system provides many new features and enhancements including Levels view, Follow current or Follow Next cue-contents abilities, and an on-board Fixture Builder utility. The new version also includes increased functionality in data processing and network usage and enables a direct connection to ESP Vision via Ethernet for real time lighting fixture output visualization. Existing Wholehog 3 users should contact ESP Vision (www.esp-vision.com) to purchase a license. Users can download the software and read detailed release information online.
High End Systems
Austin, TX
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Square D®
Powerlink® Lighting Control

An update to its G3 Ethernet-based controller, Square D's Powerlink® Lighting Control panels incorporate a remotely operated circuit breaker that eliminates the need for individual branch circuit relays, relay cabinets, and interface wiring. The panels meet all aspects of article 409 of the newly published 2005 National Electric Code.
Square D PowerLink
Lavergne, TN
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New Features for Encore

New show control, DVE effects, and image processing features are now available in the Encore Video Processing System. New features include: Events Manager and StagePRO, which provide integrated device and show control features; ability to drive Barco LED walls with low transport delay when coupled with the LEDPro Video Processor; DVE color effects and strobe processing; programmable color correction for digital sources; operation with data-doubled background sources such as Dataton's Watchout®; new graphical user interface for configuration and preset storage/recall; expanded support for digital routers.
Barco Media & Entertainment
Sacramento, CA
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Martin Professional
Philips MSR GOLD in MAC 2000s

All Martin MAC 2000 Series moving heads are now equipped with the Philips MSR GOLD lamp. Philips developed this double-ended lamp with golden lamp caps especially for the MAC 2000 Series. The new MSR puts pure colors on stage based on pure white light. This lamp has the latest HID lamp filling technology, which creates a color consistency for the whole MSR range. It also creates a better conduction from the lamp to the lamp holder, which significantly reduces the chance of lamp holder damage. The lamp features the patented Philips P3 pinch protection allowing pinch temperatures up to 500°C.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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