Robe Show Lighting
MediaHub 2X4 DT

This is a media server located inside the base of Robe's ColorSpot 575AT, making it easy to rig onto a truss or wherever else needed. It has four parallel outputs to send the video content to plasma screens or via LCD displays, projectors, and display devices of any other type. It combines two digital layers with a selection of up to 255 video clips or images per layer. Supported image and video file types are: MPEG1, MPEG2, PNG, and BMP.

Robe Show Lighting
Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic
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American DJ
Accu Wash 250

Accu Wash 250 is an intelligent moving head color wash effect with a 250W discharge lamp. Equipped with a rotating yoke that can pan a full 360° and tilt 265°, it features seven colors plus white and comes with a 28° PC lens for color washes. Like the other members of the DMX-compatible Accu 250 family, it creates intelligent-looking effects even when operated as a “plug-and-play” fixture without a DMX controller. When operated in plug-and-play mode without a DMX controller, it relies on sound-active internal programming. For larger venues, multiple units can be linked together master-slave via XLR cable. Equipped with seven DMX channels, it can also be operated with a DMX controller. An LED panel allows control of every function, including high-powered head movements, multiple color selections, and strobe rate. A Smart Sense feature automatically detects whether the unit is in DMX or master-slave mode. In addition, the unit can run continuously without shutting down for duty cycles. Other features include a fast shutter, stepper motors with micro-stepping, dimming control from 0 to 100%, and a mounting plate for secure installation.

American DJ
Los Angeles, CA
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CeeLite is producing its flat lighting products using new light-emitting capacitor (LEC) technology. This makes it possible to apply lighting indoors or out, on floors or walls, around columns and pillars, or on unconventional surfaces. LEC technology is comprised of three critical components: Sylvania's light-emitting phosphors for color and brightness; CeeLite's proprietary, programmable Flatline Inverters to control levels of brightness and lifetime; and advanced packaging “materials” for lower heat generation. The technology also encompasses proprietary shielded three-wire panels, cUL listed inverters, and packaging options. Products are available on multiple substrates, including film, glass, and plastic injection molding. Flatline Inverters allow the user to alter brightness. Common applications include: signage, trade show exhibits, architecture, point of purchase displays, and photography.

Lansdale, PA
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Martin Professional
Mania SCX500

The Mania SCX500, a DMX controllable, 150W halogen scanner, is the first scanner in the Mania series. Effects are produced from separate color and gobo wheels. Features include 15 gobos plus open, 15 colors including white, five mixed colors, and a split color option. The fixture boasts at least 500 hours of lamp life with an easily replaceable lamp. It is officially ETL, cETL, and CE approved, and it comes in a durable symmetrical housing complete with hanging bracket that also serves as a carrying handle. Suited for use for any show, club, or party by DJs and live performers, it also has no duty cycle, so there are no cool down periods.

Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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The Aurora is a small budget laser with a galvano-scanner, which enables it to generate cartoons, graphics, and animations with a high level of clarity. It comes with 60 preset cartoon, text, and geometric graphic displays, including seasonal and special occasion images. There are also two preset auto play laser programs and a preset animation. Custom logo, graphic, and animation service is also available. For users without DMX, there are three modes of operation: auto, sound-active, and master/slave. The addition of DMX enables additional effects. Rotation, zoom in/out, speed, and mirror effects can be combined with the existing graphics and animations. Available in a choice of two colors — green or red — with a powerful output, the green laser is available at 4.9mW, 20mW, 30mW, 50mW, or 100mW, while the red is available at 4.9 mW, 50 mW, or 100mW.

Actor-Mate Co. Ltd.
Taoyuan City, Taiwan
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With 5- or 10-button wall stations, SmartLink offers remote control of presets and sequences in SmartLink-enabled products like SmartPack Wall Mount and SmartSwitch. It can also be used to link SmartPack dimmers together, operating presets and sequences across all units. This combined functionality makes it well-suited for use in restaurants, schools, churches, and conference rooms, and lobby lighting in smaller theatres and public spaces. Using a topology-free, two-wire network, it can be connected in any way and is configured without the need for special tools. Its button wall stations are available in white, ivory, gray, or black.

Middleton, WI
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Lamina Ceramics
BL-4000 Series

The BL-4000 Series is a line of high power LED light engines smaller than a nickel. The round footprint of the series of 120-lumen light engines results in a less complex optic design, providing greater compatibility with a wider variety of luminaires. The products are based on an RGB light engine producing up to 16 million blended colors — including white with variable color temperature — and a 5,500°K white-only light engine with a color rendition index (CRI) of 78. All are designed for popular drive currents, feature integrated protection from electrostatic discharge (ESD), and an isolated metal base for wiring on a common heat sink in either series or parallel and compatibility with many popular LED optics.

Lamina Ceramics, Inc.
Westampton, NJ
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Tetra Contour LED Lighting System

The Tetra Contour LED Lighting System is designed to resemble and replace exposed neon. The system provides the look and output of neon — robustness, low-voltage operation, long life, cold-weather operation, and ease of installation and maintenance. Cool to the touch, the system also provides a bright, uniform appearance and a wide viewing angle. Potential applications include: border lighting, open-face channel letters, reverse-halo signs, accent lighting, art and light sculpture, and cove lighting. The weather-resistant system is comprised of a rigid, optically diffuse extruded-plastic light guide (8' lengths) that can be heated and formed in a shop or on the job site and a flexible LED light engine (8' lengths) that fits snugly inside the light guide. Currently available colors are red and red-orange. Amber, blue, green, and white become available later in 2005.

Cleveland, OH
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MOA H-7 Modular LED Optical Array

The MOA H-7 is usable indoors, outdoors, or underwater. It is an LED system comprised of seven individual hexagonal High Intensity Vorticular Array (HIVE) modules interlinked. Each module consists of three high-powered LEDs, one in each primary color (RGB), and interconnects and passes power and data to other units. The system utilizes 21 high-brightness LEDs to create a beam of light that can be shaped to different distributions with any of four optical diffusers. Its weatherproof and submersible housing, a DMX512 interface, and rotation on three axes for precise focusing make it suitable for interior accents, flood lighting, architectural highlights, landscape effects, theatrical and stage productions, and underwater applications.

Irvine, CA
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DX-303 LED Dimmer Pack

DX-303 is a three-channel DMX dimmer pack that can control the brightness of RGB LEDs by PWM method. It can achieve accurate color effects by precisely balancing the brightness of three primary RGB colors of LEDs. Connectable to any standard DMX dimmer console, the input is DC 18-24V. The maximum output of each channel is 5A.

Shijr City, Taiwan
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Lightronics, Inc.

The AS-62D SO compact dimmer is suitable for rentals and touring. It has a Socapex connector, allowing direct connection to standard touring lighting bars like those from Tomcat and James Thomas Engineering. It will handle a full 7200W load simultaneously. It is addressable up to 512 channels in DMX mode and up to 128 channels in standard three-wire multiplex protocol. This unit has a built-in stand-alone chaser mode with eight chase patterns. It may also be switched to a relay (non-dim) mode in groups of two channels for on/off control. Features include high capacity 25 Amp triacs and external breakers in each channel; heavy duty filtering to eliminate EMI/RFI interference with other equipment; and a five-year warranty.

Lightronics, Inc.
Virginia Beach, VA
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Lumileds Lighting
Luxeon® White Lamps

New color-matched white Luxeon Lamps enable manufacturers to quickly build LED-based luminaires with consistent white light. Advanced binning algorithms applied during manufacturing ensure color uniformity within each fixture as well as from luminaire to luminaire. Fewer LEDs are required to achieve the desired light output. Each lamp consists of multiple white Luxeon delivering correlated color. Temperatures of 3,200°K (warm white), 4,100°K (commercial white) or 5500°K (cool white) are available. The LEDs are mounted in multiple configurations, offering light output levels of 500-1,200 lumens and CRI similar to or better than conventional solutions. Each lamp can be integrated with drivers, heat sink, and optics to form complete lighting systems. The lamps are suitable for a wide range of luminaires including track, recessed, display, cove, outdoor, and other retail and exterior applications.

Lumileds Lighting
San Jose, California
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Legend 6000 Wash

The 13/15-channel Legend 6000 Wash lends itself to touring, theatre, production, television, and architectural applications. The head moves within a range of 570° of pan and 270° of tilt. The color wheel offers dichroic red, green, blue, purple plus CTO 3,200°K and CTB 5,000°K color temperature filters. Thirty-one preset color macros are accessible. In addition, it offers a CMY color system and ensures consistency with remote color calibration. The mechanical shutter/dimmer executes micro-stepped variations from full open to blackouts as well as variable strobes of up to seven flashes per second. The beam angle can be adjusted linearly from 10° to 30°. Optical encoders at the base of the head automatically monitor and adjust pan and tilt. Control is achieved in 8-bit or 16-bit. Other features include built in demo programs and a practical LED-lit digital control board. The power mode can be switched to operate at 50 or 60Hz at voltages of 100, 115, 200, or 230V.

Chauvet Lighting
Hollywood, FL
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XLamp LEDs

XLamp LEDs deliver up to 60 lumens in white and 15-19 lumens in blue (model 7090) and 31-45 lumens in green (model 4550). The tiny light sources and optics utilized enable lighting in even the most obscure spaces. Designed for a broad range of applications including general public spaces, architectural lighting, restaurants, and nightclubs, features include tiny footprints (7mm × 9mm in white, royal blue, blue, cyan, green, amber, red-orange, red and 4.5mm × 5mm in blue, green, red); integrated lens for integration with secondary optics; low thermal impedance; no lead or mercury; low energy use and long life

Cree, Inc.
Durham, NC
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UPgrades, etc.:

ESP Vision/High End Systems
Connectivity For Wholehog® 3

Direct connectivity with ESP Vision software with some new exclusive features is now available for Wholehog® 3 console owners. A new partnership between ESP Vision and High End Systems allows Wholehog 3 owners to make use of this visualization technology. The software simulates all facets of a lighting fixture's capability in real time via an Ethernet connection with the console. Connectivity requires Wholehog 3 software version 1.3.8. Existing Wholehog 3 users will have to go to ESP Vision to purchase a license. New Wholehog 3 console purchasers will get a special price offer through High End Systems for a limited time.

High End Systems
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ESP Vision
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MA Lighting grand iMAge

In cooperation with Publitec, MA Lighting offers an integrated system solution consisting of special 19" server hardware (publitec proVideor) and moving video lights (beaMovers), based on a modular design. grandMA consoles are at the heart of the system and can be network-linked to a maximum of 15 grandMA video applications using MA-Net. This interactivity ensures that grandMA video can be used at full capacity. The console allows for direct access to the server and previews the content as thumbnails in the preset. A PC can be placed directly at the projector/the moving video light with no need for video cables.

A.C.T Lighting, Inc.
Agoura Hills, CA
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VectorWorks 11.5

Nemetschek North America's VectorWorks 11.5 is now fully compatible with Apple's latest operating system, 10.4 or Tiger.

Nemetschek North America
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