Cast Software Vivien

Vivien is a new software application for event and meeting professionals servicing corporate and special functions, incentive meetings, tradeshows, expositions, weddings, and parties alike. It is an all-in-one design package. Event professionals can browse through and select from a 3D library of diverse items including tables, chairs, décor, AV, architectural items, banquet pieces, and staging items. By placing them into a chosen venue, you can create a virtual representation of your event. Complete customization is achieved by applying textures, colors, and lighting to the design. Inventory is tracked by an extensive database that produces detailed floor plans and layouts, as desired. Seating arrangements of any magnitude are automatically calculated and rendered. And when the design is complete, it can be viewed in 2D or 3D. A free, 30-day trial is available for download.
Cast Software
Toronto, Canada
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UPgrades, etc.:

ArKaos VJ 3.5 & Enhanced 3D

ArKaos is launching the latest version of its video jockey software, ArKaos VJ 3.5, which adds — among others features — FreeFrame plug-ins support, Firewire video output, a new automation mode, new DMX fixture-based protocol, and a new positional effect. FreeFrame is an open source framework for video plug-in development. By adding FreeFrame support, VJ users can access a vast library of third party effect plug-ins. In addition, VJ 3.5 supports real-time video output through Firewire connection (Mac and PC) for recording live performances and connection to digital mixers. The new automation mode stacks movies and effects, giving a smooth automated performance. To accommodate high-end DMX consoles, this version implements an additional fixture-like control protocol. In this mode, DMX controls are split into several layers, for which you can use pre-assigned parameters to choose and control visuals and effects. A new positional effect allows control of the position of visuals on a 3D plane anywhere on the screen, using either MIDI or DMX controllers. The application is fully compatible with the latest versions of Mac OSX, Mac OS 9, Window 2000, and Windows XP. In addition, ArKaos and NVIDIA have unveiled new real-time video processing technology based on the NVIDIA GPU graphic accelerated hardware. This 3D enhanced application uses a custom version of ArKaos VJ and a new hardware-accelerated video engine, taking advantage of the latest NVIDIA graphic-card capabilities. With new pixel shaders and accelerated multi-media technology, all video treatment, mixing, and effects can now be computed using special algorithms designed for image processing. You can position and resize videos, apply 2D and 3D effects, and mix several layers using luminance/chrominance keying, while retaining high image quality, allowing projection on big screens, all in real time.
Brussels, Belgium
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Martin Professional
MSD Educational

Martin Professional is offering an inexpensive multi-user license package for its Martin ShowDesigner (MSD) lighting simulation software package designed especially for educational institutions. The package includes a standard dongle with 10 licenses and additional licenses available up to a maximum of 20. Martin has subsidized the cost of the MSD site license, making it affordable for many educational institutions. In addition, an MSD training program is available in accordance with the Martin Acade-media training program.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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Virtual Controller

Daslight's Virtual DMX Controller software now integrates a new tool for CMY and RGB fixtures under Matrix Manager and used like other drawing software. It is now possible to download videos and images and scroll text. A new USB interface has also been included. This interface works in DMX IN on 512 channels and is compatible with all consoles. With the DMX 512 IN interface and Virtual Controller, you can transfer and save previous shows onto a computer, control the software via a console for touch-on programming, or add a 3D view in real time on any console. A new 3D visualizing tool displays all fixture effects as well as texture and video on objects.
Montmorency, France
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STARK Company Revolution

The second generation of Stark's moving head projector, designed for multiple projections on large surfaces, the Revolution includes some improved features. Tilt movement is now at 300°, versus the 230° of the first model. It's also possible to control and select speed via DMX. Reduced noise improves operation required for theatrical and television use. A new high-performance electronic ballast has also been introduced to control the power switch control with DMX. Additional features include: 1800W HMI discharge lamp; CMY color mixing; color temperature correction filter; calibrated and balanced external dimmer; internal shutter; remote and automatic focus; demo function; silent cooling; 6×7 film electronic scroller; opening scroller for installation of film; 16-channel DMX control; moving head 8/16 bit, pan at 540° and tilt at 280°; calibrated 16-bit position and velocity control; and optional electronic ballast. The fixture uses average format photographic film for multi-media projections. It includes a digital scroller for over 100 images controlled via computer, and it can be used in groups of two to 100.
STARK Company
Marche, Italy
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Wireless Solution
Sweden AB Black Box Mk2

W-DMX Black Box Mk2 is the second generation of transceivers for wireless DMX-512. It can handle up to 512 DMX channels with a built-in power supply of 90-250V, an option for low voltage power. A large range of different antennas is available for different application. It is also available with built-in UPS function of five to eight hours' use and IP65 version for outdoor use in architectural applications. Features include: true plug and play with no settings needed and total transparency with support of up to 16 DMX universes. The unit is based on standard protocols of adaptive frequency hopping technology developed by the US Army.
Wireless Solution Sweden AB
Uddevalla, Sweden
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Martin Professional
Mania DC3

The Mania DC3 oil wheel images and psychedelic decoration effects are delivered via a 250W effect. It features replaceable oil wheels, variable focus for blurring edges, variable speed control, and manual focus adjustment. Gobos can be placed in the fixture to frame the oil wheel image. It has no duty cycle, which means there are no cool down periods. All fixtures come in a durable symmetrical housing, complete with hanging bracket that also serves as a carrying handle. They are officially ETL, cETL, and CE approved.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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Innovate Show Controls
Bluelite X1

The Bluelite X1 is a universal show control system made up of hardware and Windows software with four universes out (2048 channels), DMX in/thru, and SMPTE time code (read/generate). Separate event lists (timelines), each with an XY fader pair, let you program show elements individually. Features include record, copy, paste, and looping; built-in support for external SMPTE timecode; fast locking and ability to change SMPTE type without reprogramming; separate effects generator for every fixture with shape blending, crossfading, and rotation; 24 submasters and 24 presets for up to 576 cues; and built in template editor for programming of any fixture. Fixtures can be edited by name without the need for a numeric cheat sheet. The system fits in one standard 19" rack space.
Legend Theatrical
Santa Cruz, CA
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Vivid V1

Vivid is a new effects line designed specifically for the mobile DJ market. Distributed exclusively in North America by Elation Professional, the first offering of the new line is the Vivid V1 Fogger, a compact, colorfully styled fog machine. It features a 700W heater that can generate a steady, high-volume burst of smoke at 3,000 cubic feet per minute. Because of the ECO thermal control system, the unit can produce fog at full volume for as long as needed. Developed with practical input and insight from DJs around the globe, it has been heavily tested both independently and in-house. The fogger is available in four colors: red, yellow, blue, and black. Featuring a unique shape with a built-in handle, its compact case is constructed of sturdy, impact-resistant plastic designed to withstand the rigors of the road. Included is a 10M VR-1 wired remote control with one-touch constant fogging and a ready-to-fog LED indicator. Several optional accessories are available, including a timer remote (VR-1T), wireless remote (VR-1W), and V-DMX converter. Equipped with an internal liquid tank with a capacity of 0.8 liters, the unit includes a fluid level indicator and nozzle protector.
Elation Professional
Los Angeles, CA
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3DL Design distributes GlowShapes, a new sculptural lighting/display fixture by designer John Bleck. They can be added to a variety of environments, including restaurants, nightclubs, retail areas, or trade show exhibits. These custom made fixtures are fabricated of lightweight wood frames and skinned with colored film. Illuminated by fluorescent lighting, these lightweight shapes can be set on the floor or suspended. Stock designs or custom shapes and colors are available, as are multi-unit or multi-show rental package.
Mundelein, IL
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Matrix Mania!

Matrix Mania! is an integral part of VisualDMX software control, allowing for the control of any scale or size matrix setup from dance floors to LED panels with an ease that is rarely found elsewhere, even in dedicated matrix controllers. It allows you to creatively, quickly, and accurately render and change the appearance of your matrix through the pre-programmed patterns or by the easy addition of scrolling or static text, pictures (bitmap images), or even animated images. One of its most powerful characteristics is that the patterns are automatically adapted to the dimensions of the matrix.
Visual Productions
Haarlem, Netherlands
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A new addition to the Legend Series of moving yokes, the 5000 has a 575W discharge lamp, two gobo wheels, a second color wheel equipped with a mechanical iris, and a user-selectable pan/tilt resolution of 16-bit or 8-bit. Additional features include 14 or 16 DMX-512 channels; motorized focus; a mechanical dimmer; indexing gobos; a three-facet, bi-directional rotating prism; remote channel reset; variable shutter/strobe (seven flashes per second); automatic pan/tilt correction; a removable air filter; and remote on/off lamp control. Multiple gobo, color, prism, and effects can be layered to produce scenic effects. One color wheel has 11 solid colors plus white. The other consists of one CT filter, four solid colors, four split colors, and two quad-colors plus white. Both wheels can create a bi-directional rainbow color spin at variable speeds. The static gobo wheel is slotted for 11 interchangeable gobos plus open. The indexing rotating gobo wheel features six slots that accept both metal and glass gobos. Both wheels spin bi-directionally at adjustable speeds. Movement range is 570° of pan by 270° of tilt, and beam angle is 150°. Four voltage settings are internally switchable.
Hollywood, FL
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Automation and Control Cables

Gepco International is now manufacturing and distributing cable solutions for touch panel automation, architectural lighting, and network data systems. Features include footage markers, reel or boxed packaging, easy to install and identify jackets, and UL ratings for permanent installation. The automation and control cables are manufactured to precision tolerances and comprehensively tested to ensure performance and reliability.
Gepco International
Des Plaines, IL
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Series SML070 LEDs

The Series SML070 LEDs are low profile, right-angled surface mount LEDs. With the tiny footprint of only 2.4mm × 3.3mm, these discrete LEDs are appropriate for placement on PCBs where components are densely packed. They come in one-color and bi-color versions. Single-colored LEDs available are yellow (590nm) and high efficiency green (570nm) and high efficiency red (620nm). All have clear lenses. Bi-color LEDs come in the combination of high efficiency green/high efficiency red with a milky-white lens. Depending on the color, luminous intensities range from 1.2 mcd to 2.3 mcd at 20 mA current.
LEDtronics Inc.
Torrance, CA
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New Roscolux Colors

Rosco offers 20 new Roscolux colors: #303 Warm Peach, #313 Light Relief Yellow, #324 Gypsy Red, #331 Shell Pink, #347 Belladonna Rose, #348 Purple Jazz, #353 Lilly Lavender, #366 Jordan Blue, #369 Tahitian Blue, #371 Theatre Booster 1, #372 Theatre Booster 2, #373 Theatre Booster 3, #374 Sea Green, #75 Twilight Blue, #377 Iris Purple, #384 Midnight Blue, #392 Pacific Green, #393 Emerald Green, #398 Neutral Grey, and #140 Subtle Hamburg Frost.
Stamford, CT
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ArcLine Range

ArcLine features three architecturally suitable products derived from the Tube and Frame families. The ClassicTube and LightTube systems allow designers to affix the lightweight, clear 1m long tubes onto any surface or framework. Custom designs can be created making use of every tube's 16 million color pixels, while all electronics are housed in remote, separate boxes. The LightTube is controlled by DMX512 and is RDM1.2-ready, allowing control by any architectural or entertainment control system. For more complex projects, the ClassicTube system provides powerful control of individual pixels at full video speed. With a powerful graphic server and high-speed signal transmission control, it can mix custom images, pictures, signage, or video. For applications that require more LED power, PhantomFrame tubes are mounted on an extremely lightweight, practically invisible frame. Each 1m×1m frame is fixed together, allowing large display surfaces to be created. Images, pictures, messages, and video can then be transmitted from a remote graphic server, with two layers of graphics controlled by DMX512. Each frame supports 16 clear polycarbonate tubes, while each tube houses 16 LED pixels spaced 60mm apart. Graphics can be digitized and displayed on the 5,100mcd RGB pixels, with up to 16 million colors available. The space between the tubes gives the system transparency. The system offers the option of CoverUp, a range of Perspex covers. Secured to the corner of each frame, it can be mounted at different distances from the front of the frame to create a variety of effects. Additionally, the frame can be painted any color.
TMB Associates
Pacoima, CA
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JM Electronics

The DCR-120, capable of 16 million colors, uses LED technology controlled by a wireless radio transmitter. It operates on a 12V wall adapter or battery pack. Multiple fixtures can be used on a single transmitter and operated independently by setting separate addresses on a network. Operating range is over 400'. Distances may vary depending on environment. It uses 324 LEDs, each with a life cycle of 100,000 hours. A mirrored back extends the efficiency of the LEDs and provides a flood effect for color blending. It is available in 15° (spot) and 70° (flood) beam angles.
JM Electronics Inc.
Altamonte, FL
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VIDSHOW HD PLUS Video Server & Show Controller

Ideal for 3D and multi-image, large format screens and venues as well as motion base and multi-media theatre control, the VIDSHOW HD PLUS supersedes and replaces the previous incarnation, VIDSHOW HD. Like its predecessor, VIDSHOW HD PLUS operates off MediaMation's award-winning ShowFlow software. In the combined 3D, high definition configuration, it can replace existing mechanical film projectors in motion simulator rides that have a tendency to break down frequently, thus potentially saving ride operators thousands of dollars by reducing down time. Conceived as an “open system,” it is a “plug and go” solution that both plays movies and controls the entire theatre and is much more cost-effective to purchase and operate than buying separate components from different vendors. It accommodates up to six channels of High Definition MPEG2 video playback in a single box and features cross-channel synchronization in both the single box and with other boxes. It decodes all 18 ATSC HD formats, supporting multiple output formats such as HD SDI (Serial Digital Interface), HD DVI (Digital Video Interface), and RGB standard analog at up to 80 MBS per second.
Torrance, CA
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Fingerless 3/4 Leather Gloves

The Fingerless 3/4 Leather Gloves from SetWear are suitable for rigging, stagehands, conventions, and audio/video productions. The Fingerless glove's palm is made with genuine leather and is anatomically cut with a double-layer gel foam pad. Thicker gel foam padding in the palms helps reduce fatigue, impacts, and vibrations. The gloves feature longer fingers, an eyebrow wipe on thumbs, padded two-way stretch Spandex top for fit and flexibility, and a second layer of leather on thumb and index finger to reduce wear and abrasion. An extra-wide cuff provides easy entry with adjustable wrist closure.
Canoga Park, CA
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