The X-Effects projector provides large-scale 3D effects via a 200W enhanced metal arc source, with a short arc that allows for an output of 5K lumens and a 2,000-hour lamp life. The color temperature is similar to a Xenon source at 6,000K but with nearly two times the luminous effectiveness of a halogen source. The effect itself is created by rotating two “X” size glass gobos off-center of the optical path. This results in a projection that does not appear to have a visible direction or pattern. Onboard potentiometers control the speed and direction of both gobos. The color slot will accept dichroic color filters. Lens trains are available in 30°, 50°, and 70° configurations. Due to the efficiency of the lamp and the design of the optics, all lenses have crisp edges, even for long throws of 100' or more.
Stamford, CT
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The Club range has been specifically designed for club applications and builds on Robe's XT Series in this market. The ClubSpot 250 CT offers a gobo wheel with 10 static gobos including two replaceable slots plus open; continuous rotation and gobo shake; a color wheel with 11 colors plus white; rainbow effect in both directions; manual focus; combined dimmers/shutter; and strobe effect. The fixture is suited to small- to medium-sized venues, including bars or restaurants with a dance floor. The fixtures include master or slave operation options and a stand-alone mode.
Robe America
Sunrise, FL
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Featuring the design of the MAC 2000, Martin's 250W moving head series comes in three versions: MAC 250 Krypton, MAC 250 Entour, and the MAC 250 Wash (Martin's fastest moving heads). The MAC 250 Krypton profile spot features a glass reflector for brighter output and improved image quality, a seven-slot gobo wheel with replaceable gobos, and a 12-slot color wheel with replaceable dichroic color filters. The MAC 250 Entour profile spot includes a new achromatic lens system, all new gobo designs, additional gobo wheel, 12-slot color wheel, specially designed dimming system, and prism. The MAC 250 Wash comes with reflector technology for greater output, a variable frost filter for zoom effect, and a CMY color mixing system with a complementing color wheel.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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The smallest member of the grandMA range of consoles, the grandMA micro, offers nearly all of the software features of the larger consoles but in a compact package. It supports 1,024 parameters on 1,024 DMX slots and has hardware ports for the following functions: DMX input, MIDI in/out, SMPTE time code, audio line input for sound-to-light, remote contact closures, serial trackball, PS/2 keyboard mouse, and ArtNet and Pathport Ethernet protocols. The front panel offers a color touch screen with five encoders and 30 playbacks (10 faders and 20 buttons) on 64 pages. Like its siblings, the micro works with the grandMA onPC offline software and grandMA 3D visualization software, both of which are available as free downloads. It also supports the optional Pocket PC wireless remote.
A.C.T Lighting, Inc.
Agoura Hills, CA
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SGM X-Line Idea consists of four moving head models of both 250W or 575W spots and washes. The Spot units have selectable beam angles and motorized focus with eight dichroic colors and seven rotating indexable gobos plus five extra metal gobos. Bi-directional three-facet prism and gobos can be freely combined or remain independent effects. The wash units have motorized zoom and full CMY color mixing along with a six-color wheel plus white and two conversion filters. Beam shaping and frost are also incorporated. The fixtures also feature automatic pan and tilt repositioning with a super speed function and can be master-slaved with up to four programs stored.
Orlando, FL
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The Preset 10, an ESTA Dealers Choice Award winner, is a DMX512-based architectural or console backup system capable of storing up to ten presets. These presets are recorded by capturing the output of a DMX512 console. Presets are recalled at the press of a button. Each preset can be assigned a unique crossfade time, from 0 to 999 seconds. It can act as a backup console and/or as a simple controller for when trained staff is unavailable to operate the main desk.
Doug Fleenor Design, Inc.
Arroyo Grande, CA
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The Elektric Eye is designed to adapt to a variety of applications. Employing an MSD250/2 or HSD250 lamp, the fixture has a beam angle of 19°. It is DMX-controlled and can pan 630° and tilt 265° with 16-bit resolution. Features include a color wheel with eight colors, bi-colors, and rainbow effect. The fixture also incorporates six rotating, indexable gobos for projections, as well as a dimmer and a strobe. The digital address and display allows for a variety of functions to be accessed easily, including lamp control (on/off), pan and tilt reverse, lamp hours, and fixture hours. It can also be set to run without a controller by downloading cues into the onboard processor for automatic replay. Additionally, it can be placed in a master/slave configuration or controlled via a sound input. Mounting hardware, safety cable, and a 50' DMX cable are included.
Elektralite/Group One Ltd.
Farmingdale, NY
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Octopod 80 is an LED pod lighting system manufactured by Alkalite and distributed exclusively by Elation in North America. Consisting of a network of eight large lighting pods and a proprietary controller, it uses LED technology to produce a virtually infinite range of colors. Each pod is equipped with 90 LEDs — 30 red, 30 green, and 30 blue — and uses RGB color-mixing technology. With all 90 LEDs turned on, it generates extremely bright white light. The system also provides smooth transitions from one color to the next. Because the LED system produces no infrared and ultraviolet light, heat output is kept to a minimum. The life of the system is rated at 50,000 hours. The yoke-mountable system includes a proprietary Pixel Drive X controller (required for operating the system) and comes in a lightweight aluminum case. Eight signal cables are provided, with 5-pin in/out connections on the rear panel of the controller. A unit-addressing switch is also included. Power consumption is 95W.
Elation Professional
Los Angeles, CA
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Diablo is a compact controller for control of up to 18 moving lights and 18 conventional channels. The LCD screen has six soft keys for setup, fixture assignment, patching, and mode selection. Nine faders are used for playback of 108 memories or for parameter adjustment (or use the joystick). Features include an effects engine for shape, color, and beam effects. The console also syncs to audio via line input, a beat button, or a built-in microphone. Twelve chase stacks of 250 steps each can be triggered by audio, flash buttons, or automatic sequence, with speed adjustment on a dedicated fader. Fixture attributes can be downloaded via USB; a comprehensive library of more than 1,000 fixture attributes is maintained on the Zero 88 website. There are four dedicated buttons to trigger auxiliary DMX devices (strobes, smoke, mirror ball, etc.) or for Solo/Blackout. The console can be used rack-mounted or on a desktop.
A.C.T Lighting, Inc.
Agoura Hills, CA
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Dimmer-Switch joins the recently launched Light-Switch in Artistic Licence's new Wall Mount DMX Controller Range. Designed for lighting control in clubs and lounges, it is housed in a standard wall mount panel and has seven LED-illuminated faders. One fader provides a Grand Master function for overall intensity control. The remaining six faders each play back either a static look or a dynamic sequence. The output is DMX512 with control over all 512 channels. It contains all required electronics, without the need for external boxes, and it can optionally be configured to merge an external DMX512 controller. An example is a club with a live band area. When the stage is in use, Dimmer-Switch routes control from the stage lighting desk to the dimmers. After the show, Dimmer-Switch fades out the stage and fades in the mood lighting.
Artistic Licence
Middlesex, UK
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The Dlite line includes three consoles: Compact, 24/48, and 36/72, all designed for a variety of applications, from theatre, opera, and TV studios to clubs and rock concerts. The Dlite Compact combines advantages of size and weight with fully programmable operation. The Dlite-24/48 and 36/72 are designed to provide seamless integration between manual and programmable operation. All three consoles offer a built-in touchscreen plus external monitor, 20 playbacks, a dedicated split cross fade playback, internal flash disk, and interfaces for Ethernet, SMPTE, MIDI, audio, two DMX outputs, and DMX input. The Ethernet port allows distributing the DMX512 output as well as connectivity with simulation software such as WYSIWYG, CompuCAD, Capture, and MSD.
Compulite USA
Wallingford, CT
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The Aureol BeamShaper from the ARDIIS range of architectural, commercial, and display lighting is a projection spotlight able to precisely shape and control a beam of light. MR-16 projector optics, image projection, framing projection, effects movement, color filter, variable intensity, and low glare make it suitable for brand image display, corporate image projection, architectural accents, and themed entertainment areas. Other features include aspheric lenses to maximize light output and projection clarity, beam angle zoom adjustment from 26° to 50°, four captive shaping shutters, integrated pattern mounting for E-size stainless steel or glass patterns, and a rotatable lens barrel that allows for image rotation using screw lock off. It is also available as a fully recessed projector providing minimal interference to its surroundings.
Selecon Lighting
Forest Hill, MD
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Lumos Flood is a color-changing LED product available in 36 and 72 LED versions for applications including interior and exterior wall washing effects and the illumination of large spaces and objects. Encased in a flat aluminum housing, it is available with a range of different optical configurations: non-optic (120°), 6°, 15°, 25°, and 25×6° (elliptical). The LEDs are driven by i-Vision's new Lumos Drive 36, a higher spec LED driver that has been developed to drive 36x1W LEDs. Benefits include upgraded robust connectors for mains LED and DMX inputs and a seven-segment digital display, with DMX up and down buttons that standardize the driver unit's operation with most standard lighting fixtures and equipment. Drivers are fitted with thermal sensors to protect the LEDs from high ambient operating temperature. Various control options, including DMX, are available.
Chepstow, South Wales
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iWash LED combines a moving yoke fixture with LED technology. Suitable for a range of specialist and conventional applications, it is suitable for club and lounge installations with 37 high-efficiency LEDs offering high luminous output as well as infinite RGB color mixing. The unit features long LED life (approximately 10 years in continuous operation, supported by an efficient, very silent convective ventilation), a multifunction display, and light weight. Bi-directional communication via the peripheral DR1 device also allows operating parameters to be altered remotely.
Hollywood, FL
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The Atmosphere APS Haze Generator is a hazing system that uses MDG Neutral Fluid heated to a precise temperature and infused with inert carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. The result is non-stop haze with exponentially reduced particle size (0.5 to 0.7 microns), giving it the longest hang time in the industry, according to MDG. It uses less fluid than other hazers on the market and leaves no residue. A built-in Automatic Purging System (APS) clears out the heating module(s) after the first heating cycle and every emission of haze, preventing residual build-up and clogging. Two models are available: the Stationary version that can be transformed into a Portable and the Touring version with dual outputs for large venues. Control options are available, as well as a two-channel DMX Interface.
Montreal, Canada
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The Xtc controller is driven by the maXim engine to provide intelligent light control from the PaTPad touchscreen. Many playback masters are included — up to 29 simultaneously, 500 memories, 100 fixtures, 100 groups, 100 presets, 100 palettes, and 1,024 DMX output channels. There are no faders, just dedicated latching and flashing buttons with a status LED for each playback. Eight specials store looks or timed events for strobes, smoke machines, or other DMX-controlled equipment. The front panel is made from 8mm laser-etched clear acrylic and side lit with white LEDs. v2 software allows a moving light rig to be programmed in less than 10 minutes. The software includes a fully programmable effects generator, multiple fan functions, as well as individual move and delay times for every parameter in every scene.
LSC Lighting Systems
Victoria, Australia
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iColor® Cove MX Powercore is the highest intensity member of the iColor Cove line, with integrated Powercore technology for ease of installation and operational efficiency. It is a complete line voltage system with more than double the intensity of original iColor Cove. It provides uniform color mixing with maximized output to fill alcoves and accent spaces with millions of customizable colors. The compact, 12” linear unit has a 100° angle, and its integral mounting bracket allows for simple 180° rotation in 10° increments, directing the output as desired. Alternatively, a snap-in mounting track is available for linear installations. It receives data via Color Kinetics' Data Enabler, a data-formatting device that accepts DMX or Ethernet protocol.
Color Kinetics
Boston, MA
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