Lehigh announces the launch of the Rendition Series consoles providing classic theater control from two-scene manual to full memory control with multiple cue lists. 24/48 and 48/96 two-scene control models are available with up to 1536 memory channels in 125, 250, 512 channel configurations plus 1024 ML channels. The consoles have two playback pairs, 24 submasters, trackball control, and includes full moving light control capability with 16-bit fades, LTP, focus presets, predefined ranges, automatic fixture groups, fixture library and built-in fixture editor. Rendition has Ethernet support for 2048 outputs using ArtNet or PathPort protocols, and is ACN ready. Additional Ethernet support includes remote video/control and wireless focus remote on PocketPC. The Rendition supports Cast Lighting’s WYSIWYG Perform and Perform CE with features for visualization, AutoPatch, and AutoFocus control from WYSIWYG.

The console has a graphical user interface with easy keyboard or mouse point and click operation. Inside the console is an industrial processor with powerful Intel core and reliable Flash-based hard drive for operating system and on-board show storage. USB Flash key support is provided for show backup and software updates.

The new series feature an offline version for Windows XP. This software can be run with WYSIWYG to provide full offline pre-cue of a show.