i-Pix is a new LED design and manufacturing company formed by the founder and core developers of the Pixel LED brand. Chris Ewington and Tony Horton are joined by an electronics and software approach from Chris Tolley.

Based in Manchester and Worcester, i-Pix has just launched the first in its new range of high powered products, the Satellite.

“I-Pix is definitely different,” says Chris Ewington. "We have a huge collective pool of experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm and a host of innovative ideas that we want to bring to the market. We want to build on everything we learned during the four years of developing the Pixel."

i-Pix intends to be completely market led. It has already identified an untapped area of the entertainment sector needing high powered, well built, well priced fixtures. "As the LEDs dramatically increase in brightness, so does a real hunger for developing this new technology complimenting what already exists," continues Ewington.

The first production batch Satellites went straight out on tour with Radiohead (LD Andi Watson) and Beautiful South (LD Dave Byars).

Satellite is a 42W RGB self-contained LED wash fixture with power and data daisy-chaining ability and the potential of running up to 60 fixtures off a single 16A feed. Features include ultra smooth dimmer response, an easy-to-read LCD user interface, and easy address and set up. Users can also utilize the onboard software to create internal chase sequences when used in stand alone mode. Accessories include rigging hardware and easy clip on beam adjusters.