Enfis formally launched a range of high performance LED plug and play light engines to the architectural lighting market recently in London. The unique combination of high-power, simple integration and smart array technology provides lighting designers with user-friendly, highly efficient single color, and dynamically color-changeable light sources, emitting up to 5,000 lumen.

Enfis has developed a complete solution for designers to accelerate their time to market. The light engine provides a stable, intelligent platform for the design, development, testing, and manufacture of lighting systems using this disruptive technology, in the biggest change to lighting in 100 years.

Enfis’ light engine products are available in two platforms: the Quattro and the Uno. The Quattro air-cooled light engine is Enfis’ premium, high-output product. Emitting up to 5,000 lumen of light from a 16cm² single array, it is the cutting edge in ultra-bright LED light engines.

With the Quattro it is possible to select a color output from a palette of four billion colors near instantaneously via a digital interface, DMX or DALI protocols. The Quattro light engine intelligently measures light output as well as the thermal load of the array and guarantees optimum performance and color temperature.

Easily integrated, in a simple plug and play format, our product is expected to revolutionize the architecture and entertainment lighting markets. This is the brightest ‘smart’ LED array available to the market and has been made viable through Enfis proprietary array and light engine technology.

Shaun Oxenham, Enfis CEO says, “If your business is building or designing future-proof lighting systems, then Enfis LED array light engines are your solution for rapid development and high performance.“