Color Kinetics has launched three new IntelliWhite products: iW Blast 12 Powercore, iW Profile g2, and iW Cove Powercore.

The iW Blast 12 Powercore offers the ease-of-control, and compact size of iW Blast 12 in a complete line voltage system, thanks to Powercore™ technology, which integrates power and data management directly within the fixture to reduce wiring and simplify installation.

The iW Profile g2 is a low-profile, linear 12” (30.2 cm) system that features higher light output and enhanced light quality with new optics and advanced LEDs. It will be offered in three different beam angles: narrow, medium, and forward-throw asymmetric.

The iW Cove Powercore is a higher-intensity 12” (30.2 cm) linear system designed for common interior alcove applications. It also incorporates Powercore technology for simplified installation, and accommodates the use of many units in a continuous run, easily navigating bends and curves with end-to-end connectors.