Capture Sweden settled an agreement with LT-Light to launch the new Capture 2005 LT-Light Edition. LTLight is bundling the Capture 2005 LT-Light Edition with their brand new Hydra Space, Hydra Sky and Hydra Spirit consoles.

“The launch of the LT-Light Edition signifies the start of a new era for Capture Sweden. Up to now we have not bundled with any consoles before, but the increasing pressure from console manufacturers along with new technical possibilities with Capture 2005 we have finally managed to take this step ahead! This fits well into our goal of not only offering a lighting design tool, but also an extension to the console during programming,” says Lars Wernlund, technical manager at Capture Sweden.

The LT-Light Edition is a fully blown Capture 2005 Basic Edition, limited to operate only when connected to an LT-Light console. At a price of 750€ it can be upgraded to the ordinary 2005 Basic Edition, after which it is also possible to upgrade to the Extended Edition. Upgrades can be purchased from any of Capture Sweden’s resellers.