Westinghouse Lighting Corporation introduced LED lamps that are ideal replacements for specialty incandescent lighting in the entertainment industry. Lasting up to 100,000 hours, Westinghouse’s NanoLux™ LED lamps reduce the high-maintenance costs of replacing numerous short-life incandescent lamps in signs, marquees, and accent lighting.

Westinghouse’s 1W and 3W NanoLux™ LED lamps replace 7W to 20W incandescent lamps, use up to 88% less energy, and save as much as $19.00 per lamp* annually in energy costs (*Based on 24 hours per day usage and the national average cost of energy at $0.10 per kWh).

NanoLux™ LED lamps provide smooth, uniform light distribution by featuring a patented polymer magnification and dispersion system developed by PolyBrite International, a Goeken Group Company. NanoLux™ LED lamps are available in blue, green, red, amber, white, and clear. Compact, water-resistant, and shatterproof, NanoLux™ LED lamps are the only LED lamps UL listed for use in wet locations. They can also be used in flashing circuit applications.

NanoLux™ LED lamps come in G-19 and S-11 shapes and have standard bases. These LED lamps can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications, including signs, strand lights, canopies, and pendants.

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