Avolites will introduce several new products at PLASA 2005, Sept 11-13.

The new ART-DC dimmer is a portable, stand-alone, wireless, or DMX battery-powered dimming system specifically developed for low-voltage lamps. The ART-DC runs off industrial or car batteries and dims lights up to 20A. Currently available in 4-channel/32A modules, it can be either a dimming or a relay/switching module. A ‘Battery Save’ function conserves energy if there is no control signal. It has opto-isolated DMX in and out. The ART-DC is designed to be used outdoors. It measures just 275x290mmx110 mm and weighs 3.2kg.

Avolite’s new mDMX is a wired or wireless method for sending DMX over mains cabling using Ethernet. Using multiple multiplexing technology, it modules multiple DMX universes down one standard mains cable. It is designed for situations where data cable management is a problem, such as moving trusses and scenery or FOH data runs. It has a maximum capacity of four DMX universes running concurrently over a distance of 400m. mDMX is fully compatible with the versatile and popular Avolites eDMX wireless system.

eDMX WENDI, a new sister product to eDMX, implements the dAFTdATA WENDI wireless data protocol and works on the 5.8GHz range. Specifically designed for long range work and point-to-point, clear line of sight solutions where the 2.4GHz spectrum is busy. Avolites’ eDMX now offers this completely new frequency range, giving users increased flexibility over the design of their wireless systems.

Avolite will also display its new Diamond 4 "Active Personality" system. It creates a seamless link to Media Servers and Ethernet enabled fixtures. "Active Personality" enables media clips to be viewed as graphic thumbnails from the Diamond 4 console.

Visitors to the Avolite stand can also view the latest Pearl 2004software, including Shapes in Chases, Playback and Palette Legends, Quick Palettes, Filter Palettes and Palette Pages.

Avolites will also have on show its eDMX system, Diamond 4 Vision console, the Diamond 4 Elite console, a full selection of its ART dimming range, among other standard products.