SHoW DMX Vero Net™ from City Theatrical is an outdoor wireless DMX transceiver in a NEMA 4/IP66-rated enclosure that accepts all major entertainment Ethernet protocols including sACN, Art-Net, KiNet, and Pathport. SHoW DMX Vero™ is a smaller version and accepts DMX input only. Both models feature high data fidelity and 7ms latency, and have the ability to optimize control of output power, full or limited bandwidth broadcast, and the ability to broadcast less than the full DMX packet to shrink the radio footprint. For users who do not want to manually optimize broadcast, the units also have Neo Adaptive Mode that will select only open radio channels for broadcast. SHoW DMX Vero Net includes an RDM controller provided with the transceiver that allows monitoring of RDM devices from a remote computer anywhere in the world and setup of radio functions.

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