LD Assistant PL 08.5, a plug-in for AutoCAD® 2008/2009, adds lighting, sound, video, and production tools to AutoCAD. An object ARX- and DBX-driven program, it stores all information in a single DWG file. Changes to paperwork are automatically reflected in the drawing. An extensive 2D/3D library has thousands of drag-and-drop objects, each dynamic representations of real-world ones. Spreadsheet and database functions allow attaching of information to objects, while presentation tools allow creation of high-quality renderings and animated AVI movies. Users can create photo-realistic renderings from within the main drawing area and render to a window or to a file. Sixty-four universes of DMX inputs and outputs are available via a variety of industry-standard USB and Ethernet products, including ETC Net3/ACN, ENTTEC, Art-Net, and Pathway Connectivity.