Las Vegas Pro Audio announces the addition of Accusound Cable Company to its growing line of quality professional audio products. All of Accusound's cables use hybrid, silver-plated copper conductors and silver compound solder to reproduce sounds from every piece of gear. Every possible electro-magnetic imperfection has been hunted down and eliminated through clever design, carefully selected materials, a proprietary winding technique and fanatical attention to detail. As a result, Accusound cables boast phase shift and distortion that is unmeasurable between 0 and 200kHz. It may come as a surprise that even though they sound better, Accusound's cables cost almost half as much as other silver cable, a happy consequence of Accusound's reliance on word of mouth instead of wasted marketing dollars.

"Our mission is to find new companies that have an edge, a fundamental advantage over the competition; companies that are driven by an owner who has a unique mission," comments Brad Lunde, president of TransAudio Group, the parent company of Las Vegas Pro Audio. "Accusound certainly meets that high standard. Their cables are built right, convey noticeably greater fidelity, yet are reasonably priced. On top of that, they build everything in the USA using strict testing protocols and stand behind their work with an impressive lifetime warranty. Accusound is the right cable company to come forward in the U.S. market after studying everything available."