Ocean Thin Films

ColorBug is a handheld wireless device for lighting designers, technicians, videographers, and digital photographers. It measures CIE color values and luminance in theatrical, studio, and architectural applications with software that allows technicians to wirelessly share data with an iPhone or iPod touch. The unit can be mounted on walls and other fixtures to assist in taking measurements remotely or hands-free, and it includes a rechargeable lithium-Ion battery and mini USB connectivity. Ocean Thin Films is a division of Ocean Optics.

Victor M And Flo
Robert Juliat

Victor M and Flo followspots are designed around a hot restrike MSR 1,800W DE discharge lamp from Philips. Victor M has a zoom range of 7° to 14.5° and a DMX-controlled motorized shutter for smooth dimming and precise shutter control. Flo is a short range model with a 13° to 28° zoom range. Both models come with electronic universal voltage power supplies, flat field, manual fingertip shutter control, fully closing iris, quiet operation, internal frost filter, and photo-quality gobo projections.

Infinity Spot XL

Infinity Spot XL features a CMY and RGB color mixing system (CMY-s, a Coemar patent), with saturation mode and a Philips MSR Gold FastFit 1,500W source. Features include a proportional CTO, 7° to 50° zoom, mechanical strobe, and electronic strobe (zap effect). The color wheel features five colors, plus open, with an aerial wheel and breakup wheel, each with six rotating gobos, plus open. An effect wheel is also onboard for rotating prism and gobo effects. Additional features include 16-bit movement with pan of 530° and tilt of 270°, a color temperature of 6,000K, and a color rendering index of 83.

ELAR Image X
Elation Architectural

The ELAR Image X image projector is a palm-sized gobo/image projector powered by a 32W Xenon discharge lamp outputting the equivalent of a 250W halogen projector. Two versions are available: the ELAR Image X, a stationary version, and the ELAR Image XR, which rotates for wider areas. Both are able to take metal-cut or glass gobos, with a gobo viewing size of 37.5mm OD×20mm. The 3,000-hour discharge lamp operates at a color temperature of approximately 6,000K for a cool, fluorescent white light, for the lifelike colors that a glass dichroic gobo offers. The units are suited to retail establishments, special events, trade shows, merchandise displays, and entertainment venues, and their compact size allows them to fit into virtually any space. Both models are housed in an extruded aluminum casing, and each comes with a 4' power cord.

ShowDesigner 5
Martin Professional

A new version of Martin Professional ShowDesigner (MSD 5) lighting and set design software package features a new 3D graphic engine that delivers near rendering quality in realtime. Additional updates include fixture beams that show true light distribution, animated smoke with adjustable density and evenness, camera animation using timeline control, a new user interface with a sidebar for access to all features, drag-drop of objects and fixtures, and an ISO camera view. The software is available in five versions. Gold includes the full package with paperwork and photo-realistic rendering. Live is mainly for offline programming or video presentation needs. Live-4 is limited to four universes. Silver is for users who need to build scenes and print plots. Live-LJ is similar to Live-4 but only compatible with Martin LightJockey. The application is available via Martin's worldwide partner network or through a new MSD web shop for purchase or upgrade.

Spectra PAR 100
Altman Lighting

The Spectra PAR 100 is a 100W PAR luminaire with 3W Luxeon Rebel red, green, blue, and amber LEDs. Designed for theatrical and architectural applications, it acts as a true PAR fixture with interchangeable VNSP, NSP, MFL, and WFL lenses. The onboard power supply allows for direct power input, and data can be daisy-chained up to 1,000'. The fixture is compatible with both DMX and RDM protocols and comes with a library of preprogrammed single colors and various color mixes. Additional features include pushbutton addressing, die-cast aluminum housing, and UL- and cUL-listing pending.


Pearl-Lux is a flexible, silicone-coated, architectural-grade LED light string. The 12V strings measure 3.2' (1m) in length and contain 96 LEDs with a total of 6W for each string. With a life rated at 50,000 hours with proper thermal management, they also have an IP67 rating for interior and exterior use and can be cut to meet size and load constraints. Suited to cove lighting, pathway lighting, backlighting, signs, edge lighting, and recessed and display lighting, the strings are available in white (6,500K) and warm white (2,700K) color temperatures. Straight or flexible resin mounting channels are available. These strings are UV-free, IR-free, mercury-free, lead-free, and RoHS-compliant.


M Series

The mid-range M Series includes a free-standing controller designed for new M Series hoists. The controller features a touchscreen to allow for navigation and set up of movements, as well as direct position control to create, save, and modify presets such as hoist speed, acceleration, deceleration, and target speeds. All hoist movements are initiated with the pushbutton and joystick, and the screen displays the current position and target position for each hoist. In the event of an emergency stop, a centrally located E-Stop button is on the face of the controller. The controller is housed in a rugged steel casing and stand that protects electrical components from damage. Hoists can run at variable speeds and have presetting, targeting, load sensing, among other features.


Christie Digital

The LX700 with 4DColor technology is a four-panel, 7,000-lumen LCD projector with XGA resolution, appropriate for large venues, educational facilities, retail environments, corporate boardrooms and training, rental/staging, and houses of worship applications. Its 4DColor technology provides a 20% increase in color gamut over previous three-panel LCD models. The inorganic panels create a natural black for sharper images and increased contrast ratio. The fourth LCD panel, essentially a yellow panel before the green panel, yields deeper reds and more accurate flesh tones. Features include 10-bit image processing, contrast ratio of 2,200:1, an AutoFilter system that rolls out a new filter every 1,000 hours for up to 10,000 hours, true digital connections with full AV inputs, optional lenses, and a built-in shutter.

Hitachi Home Electronics (America), Inc., Business Group

The CP-X10000 3LCD Professional Series projector is the first model in Hitachi's new 3LCD Professional Series, offering a brightness of 7,500 ANSI lumens as well as a 2,500:1 contrast ratio. It features inorganic optics, a 10,000-hour filter, an ultra-wide range lens shift, and 10-bit full digital video processing. Networking connectivity enables remote maintenance and management. Six bayonet-style lens options offer a wide range of throw distances. Additional features include an RS-232 network bridge for serial pass-through, a mechanical shutter for blank mode, closed-captioning functionality, and the proprietary My Image Campus Notification System. Anti-theft features include a security bar and transition detector.


500-HP Subwoofer
Meyer Sound

Intended for ground-stacking or flying with a M'elodie array, the 500-HP compact high-power subwoofer can be used with other systems as well, such as the UPJ-1P VariO and UPA-1P/2P. It has two 12" woofers driven by onboard dual Class-AB/H amps for a 36Hz to 150Hz response, with a peak SPL of 13dB. Suited to enhancing low-frequency headroom in applications in small or medium theaters as well as clubs, houses of worship, and portable and installed AV systems, the subwoofer features an optional MRF-500 rigging frame that uses the GuideALink rigging system for arraying and storage. It can use the optional MG-M'elodie rigging grid to accommodate a variety of flown configurations. In addition to QuickFly rigging hardware, options include weather protection and custom color finishes. The RMS remote monitoring system allows comprehensive monitoring of system parameters on a Windows®-based network.

HiQnet System
Architect Version 1.9
Harman Professional

HiQnet System Architect Version 1.9 is a free download that features upgrades including network troubleshooting tools, file compression and management, and advanced control panel customization. Control of the three models of the new Crown I-Tech HD Series and Crown XTi 6000 is possible via the device plug-ins in the new version, which support the configuration of the FIR filters and LevelMAX limiters included in the new touring amplifier. The network troubleshooting tool actively monitors the network, alerts of any problems and, where possible, automatically resolves it or provides instructions on how to address the problem. In addition to providing realtime monitoring and alerts, the tool also creates a backup log of any IP address changes. A new compressed file format reduces file sizes, in test cases as high as a ratio of 100:1, while a new utility enables advanced users to expand and explore the contents of a saved file, edit individual custom panels in an XML editor, and update images offline. The enhanced custom control panel design includes a more automated mechanism for creating controls and assigning them to system-wide parameters. Additional features include enhancements to the parameter address editor dialog; the ability to copy and paste just the visual elements of a control without copying any parameter assignments; new window management improvements; and a device arrange tool in the venue view for reordering a selection of devices by name, type, address, or brand.