"Its feature set is so powerful, and its price so unbelievably low, that we predict widespread success for this one." That was the verdict on the Hippotizer digital media server range from projection experts Bob and Colleen Bonniol in a recent edition of their ED On Projection e-newsletter.

Now Hippotizer version 2, previewed at this year’s PLASA Show, adds new features, many of which are unique to the Hippotizer. The new additions include a control area separate from the main output screen that allows images to be adjusted locally with layer-level preview; up to sixteen image layers (depending on model) each with separate adjustment of all key parameters including brightness, contrast, color, position, and zoom; controllable interaction between layers; a master layer with 16-bit geometry applied globally to all other layers; and an expanded range of supported media file formats, including Quicktime, Mpeg1 and Mpeg2 and AVIs. Hippotizer will also playback audio within video files. Hippotizer version 2 begins shipping this week.

Hippotizer's existing features, including its class-leading beat-detection engine and user-configurable real-time effects, are further improved in version 2.

Hippotizer version 2 is available in three models: Hippotizer Express, Hippotizer Stage, and Hippotizer HD supporting resolutions up to 1920x1080. All models support live video input, with Stage and HD allowing multiple video inputs. All three models support a wide variety of control options, including DMX, RS232, Artnet, MIDI, timecode, or external controllers such as the Behringer BCF2000. In addition, Hippotizer Stage and Hippotizer HD can output pixel information as DMX data via ArtNet. Hippotizer version 2 also includes the Hippotizer Media Access Protocol (H-MAP), a new open standard protocol that allows lighting desks to dynamically obtain and display previews of media clips from Hippotizer.

Full details about the new Hippotizer version 2 range can be found at the Hippotizer website,www.hippotizer.com or by visiting the Scene Change website at, www.scene-change.com.