Nemetschek North America announced that ZZYZX, Inc., has released ESP Vision 2.2, which supports VectorWorks Spotlight with RenderWorks 12.5 and includes the modeling plug-in for the Macintosh® platform.

"The release of ESP Vision 2.2 is a big step forward for Macintosh users," explains Kevin Linzey, VectorWorks Spotlight product manager. "The new plug-ins will allow VectorWorks Spotlight users to work with VectorWorks on their preferred platform right through the export process to ESP Vision. Macintosh users will no longer have to reopen the VectorWorks file on Windows just to export to ESP Vision. Windows users will also benefit from the improved interface, better data handling, and increased performance of the new plug-ins provided with ESP Vision 2.2."

Version 2.2 now uses enhanced Move, Scale, and Rotate tools to enable Vision users to design simple scenes using the Vision 2.2 toolset. For more complex scenes requiring a full-scale modeling program, Vision 2.2 continues to support VectorWorks Spotlight with RenderWorks version 12.5. Additional Vision 2.2 enhancements include virtual cameras, for use with DL2 and similar types of cameras; DMX-controllable cameras with pan/tilt, which facilitate camera usage during AVI/MOV creation; and additional effects that can be applied to any texture.

"With the release of the VectorWorks plug-ins for the Mac, ZZYZX re-emphasizes its commitment to the VectorWorks user base," says Dedrick Duckett, director of technology for ESP Vision. "It is important that we do all we can do to make the design process as easy as possible, and these plug-ins are just the next logical step in that mission."

The partnership between Nemetschek North America and ESP Vision provides a complete design, visualization, and simulation solution to lighting designers worldwide. The VectorWorks Spotlight/ESP Vision plug-in teams the powerful 2D drafting, 3D modeling, and rendering capabilities of VectorWorks Spotlight with the advanced rendering and real-time lighting simulation capabilities of ESP Vision. Lighting designers can now easily conceptualize their design, generate the necessary drawings and paperwork, and create 3D models in VectorWorks Spotlight, then move their models directly into ESP Vision to simulate and cue their work.