Digital Projection Inc. (DPI) has introduced Calculator Toolbox, a web-based suite of image and lens calculators that enable users to calculate essential data such as the image size and throw distance of a projector given a few basic parameters. Other tools and guides assist in the projector selection process and identify the true long-term cost of ownership of any projection system within any application. The suite integrates seamlessly with DPI’s projector database, and the process gives users the option to print or email a cumulative report of results. Guides and suggestions estimate the amount of ambient light on the screen, screen size in one’s venue, or projector brightness needed for a certain size screen. Additionally, the calculators allow users to edit certain data points without having to start a new session, which allows users to experiment with different options in real time. The Calculator Toolbox portal includes previously released projector tools such as Screen Brightness and Cost of Ownership calculators. Try Calculator Toolbox here.

In conjunction, DPI has updated its Find the Perfect Projector (FPP) portal for identifying projectors that best suit an application based on simple parameters.