Chauvet®’s SparkliteLED Drape is a black fabric panel studded with LED lights which can be attached together for a fully controllable field of color or theater curtain. Operated via the SparkliteLED Controller, each drape measures 236” x 157.5” x 2” (6,000 x 4,000 x 50 mm), is flame retardant, and holds a total of 128 (.25 W, 5mm) tri-color LEDs fitted into eight distinct and controllable zones. The drapes can be combined using integrated hook-and-loop fasteners and are as expansive as the design or coverage requires. It comes in its own road case and weighs less than 40lbs. (18 kg).

The controller connects up to four drapes and is sold separately. It can run independently or by 12 or 24 DMX channels, has built-in programs, or can completely control up to eight zones (16 LEDs per zone) of each drape. The controller features an LCD display, RGB color mixing control (with or without DMX control), a proprietary serial link (master/slave), and configurable color sets. Additionally, it offers configurable LED sparking direction and speed, group sparking cross fade time, and minimum and maximum luminosity. Users can configure auto programs or recall custom programs via DMX.