Bulbtronics Inc. has announced a recycling initiative with RecyclePak from Veolia Environmental Services. Bulbtronics is promoting a packaged, pre-paid recycling program to all its customers enabling them to comply with state and local laws for the proper and safe disposal of universal wastes such as bulbs, batteries and ballasts that contain mercury and other hazardous materials.

Formerly known as OnyxPak, RecyclePak is a line of containers used by businesses to safely dispose of smaller quantities of universal wastes like fluorescent and mercury lamps, batteries containing nickel, cadmium and other chemicals, and ballasts manufactured with mercury. The containers are all United Nations tested and Department of Transportation approved. One price includes the container, set-up instructions in English and/or Spanish, prepaid return shipping label to the nearest Veolia Environmental Processing Center, and a toll-free number to arrange for pickup. From pick-up and transport to processing, the containers are insured by Veolia. Once the container is received and processed in accordance with federal, state, and local laws, RecyclePak issues a certificate of recycling to the customer for their records.