Barbizon Lighting Company is now distributing Thematics’ Lightbox , an LED and Fiber Optic Model Lighting Kit for any scaled theatre. A revolutionary new, award-winning tool, Lightbox allows the user to actualize light in a scaled model and to design in virtually any space. Barbizon will be selling and specifying both the CustomBox models as well as the new, off-the-shelf Portfolio series.

"We're thrilled that Barbizon has taken on our products," comments Thematics' founder/designer Charles Kirby. "They are the best at what they do, and their interest in our product line demonstrates their belief that Barbizon customers will benefit from increased access to a unique idea and full product line of little lights. Model Lighting has great history in the pre-visualization design process and the Lightbox system makes it easier than ever. Barbizon helps students and designers see the light in a whole new scale.”

“We look forward to forging a mutually-rewarding business relationship with Charles,” replies Thomas Augusta, National Sales Manager with Barbizon. “In the product choices he puts into Lightbox he touches all the bases when it comes to par’s, scoops, cycs, and other instruments. It’s a very cool product.”

Thomas foresees Lightbox primarily being targeted to schools and universities “because of the hands-on nature of the product and the ability to learn on it. Many people simply don’t have access to their theater to play around with a lighting boards and lights. Lightbox gives them a great opportunity” for interactive instruction."

Lightbox creates an entirely new medium for anyone interested in the visual study of light and the art of collaboration. Using fiber optics, LEDs, miniature lighting instruments, and other proprietary equipment, Lightbox allows the user to accurately represent light in a scalable format while staying true to the color, intensity, positions and beam angles of full-sized light sources.

Barbizon will be specifying the CustomBox, which is fully tailored to a customer’s needs, into system installations. A Custom Lightbox architecturally mimics theatrical spaces to include the customer’s entire lighting inventory. When integrated into the process, it gives the user the ability to design, learn, teach, and collaborate in a whole new way.