Atomic Design Inc. announces its newest innovation in soft goods: the Tufted Panels. The Tufted Panels debuted as a rental product at the BizBash M&C Meeting and Event Style Show in New York on November 9, 2006.

Designed by Tom McPhillips, the creative force of Atomic Design, the Tufted Panels were originally created for the set of a Jerry Lee Lewis television concert special. The goal for McPhillips was to create a product that evokes the feeling of a sophisticated lounge setting, yet is easy to install. The outcome: 4’x 4’ lightweight panels, which easily link together.

Comprised of tufted copper metallic fabric on one side and black metallic fabric on the other, the panels are extremely versatile. McPhillips says, “The double-sided construction and individual panels allows them to be configured in a variety of different looks: They can go from all black, or solid copper, to a checkerboard pattern or horizontal or vertical stripes just by rotating the panels.”

The Tufted Panels are now available for rental.