ArKaos has released MediaMaster 1.2 media server software, making use of the company’s latest generation of realtime video technology for use on a MAC or PC, including standard laptops. This version can play up to eight simultaneous layers of HD video, without dropping frames, when running on an octo-core server.

One of its major new features is the ability to both mix the audio track from movies and to control the global audio volume via DMX. As a result, a DMX control desk can now act as an audio mixer. Also new is support of Quartz Composer, Mac-only technology that allows both the creation of GPU accelerated movies and customized effects and music visualizers. This feature simplifies creation of animations that read information from web pages and present it in an attractive way.

Flash Animation Player has been enhanced by its support of Actionscript3, allowing developers to create unique animations and music visualizers on Windows or Mac.

MediaMaster also comes with improved Frame Blending Support for smooth video playback even at slow speeds, perfect Soft Edge for seamless blending of multiple projectors, high resolution output at up to 4096 pixels on supporting hardware, and advanced media composition due to its support of alpha channels. The software is fully compatible with Matrox Dual, TripleHead2Go Analog and Digital Editions, allowing several projectors to be connected to a single server. ArKaos’ Media Server A10 HD already incorporates the new software version.