Since its launch over two decades ago, the DPA 4006 omnidirectional condenser microphone has been an industry-standard. Now DPA has released the 4006-TL, building on the qualities of the original but with a state-of-the-art, transformerless preamplifier and a standard 48V phantom power supply to achieve a cleaner sound and increased sensitivity.

The 4006 is one of DPAs most popular microphones for recording studios, broadcast engineers, musicians, and live sound technicians worldwide. The transformerless design of the 4006-TL removes the risk of saturation at high levels of low frequencies, giving an extended low-frequency handling capability (10Hz to 20kHz ±2 dB). All components are carefully selected to provide optimal neutral timbre, relaxed purity, tight and focused imaging and very low distortion even at very high sound pressure levels and at complex passages in the music.

The applications of 4006-TL are numerous, and include AB stereo pairing for symphonic concert hall recordings, close miking on instruments such as grand piano, guitar, double bass and percussion, and speech and vocal applications. Seven different frequency responses and directional characteristics can be gained from just one 4006-TL by using the acoustic modification accessories. The sound field can be influenced acoustically by simply changing a grid or mounting an element over the capsule, without any phase shift, noise or distortion that an electrical filter would introduce.