The ROBIN— Robe Innovative Technology—range from Robe consists of the ROBIN 300 Plasma Spot & Plasma Wash, the ROBIN 300E Spot, ROBIN 300E Wash, and the ROBIN 300E Beam. The 300 Plasma Spot 300 Plasma Wash feature a plasma lamp light source with a color rendering index of 94 and a lifespan of 10,000 hours. The 300E Beam model uses a Philips MSD Gold 300/2 MiniFastFit lamp and has a beam angle of 1.6° to 6.5°, with dichroic glass reflector for maximizing output and a full complement of gobos. The 300E Spot features a large 10° to 40° zoom, CMY+CTO, static and rotating gobo wheels, color wheel, frost, and iris. The 300E Wash model has a wide zoom of 4° – 40° with an enhanced CMY+CTO system and seven-plus-one color wheel with replaceable magnetic positions. Robe also introduces two new AT models, ColorSpot 1200E AT profile and ColorBeam 700E AT, and three high-powered LED products: the CitySource 96, CitySkape 48, and CitySkape Xtreme.