Artistic Licence has introduced the Flexi-Strip range of exterior/interior LED products. Featuring standard LEDs on a flexible circuit board, encapsulated within a flexible, clear silicone tube, the strips are rated at IP67. The encapsulated housing protects the LEDs from moisture, dust, and damage, and each strip is backed by a self-adhesive tape.

The strips are available in a variety of colors, including full color RGB, warm white, and cool white. The RGB color mixing version comes in bright and super-bright intensities. Control is via a direct voltage feed (12V) can be used for continuous illumination or by using an Artistic Licence Rail-Pipe that can be added to allow dimming via DMX. Rail-Pipe can be controlled either by a DMX controller or its internal standalone modes. More than 10 standalone modes can be selected via RDM to create various effects. Rail-Pipe will automatically go into standalone mode when no DMX is present.

Flexi-Strip comes in two lengths (1m or 5m), and custom lengths are also available.