DMXIS from Enttec is a lighting control platform aimed at independent performers and bands to provide control of a single DMX universe through a software interface that controls both conventional and intelligent fixtures. A countless number of banks and presets can be defined and then triggered during the show several ways. Two control options are available. The first is by standard single or dual footswitch operation via its ¼" stereo input. Software preferences allow multiple commands through the footswitch, such as the ability to load different banks and presets, or to set the tempo. The second option is triggering by a number of audio hardware and software devices through the use of VST plug-ins. Any audio program that can handle the VST plug-in architecture can be used to trigger DMXIS and synchronize all presets and banks. In addition, when used with audio software, this system keeps track of the tempo so any presets programmed with tempo-based parameters will adjust automatically.