Cat5e cables are used more and more in sound systems today. It is now common to run a dozen Cat5e cables to FOH from backstage. These cables can carry everything from camera feeds to video shots to intercom channels to mic signals to line signals to digital signals. The result has been lots of loose Cat5e cables everywhere. But that is about to change.

Wireworks Corporation has just released the MCat524 MultiChannel Multipin-Disconnect Cat5e Cabling. It provides six or 12 RJ45 connections through one trunk and uses Wireworks’ rugged quick-disconnect G-Block connectors that eliminate wear and tear on the individual Cat5e cables. Can I get an Amen?

On a standard show, I run six to 10 Cat5e cables to front-of-house and four to the stage manager. These Cat5e cables carry video returns, camera sends, audio, and intercom. As individual cables, they get bundled and then run together. Then they have to be individually patched as well as strain-relieved. With the MCat524, I will be able to patch the tails in on both sides and mount the G-Block in the racks as I already do with XLR G-Blocks. Then I just have one patch point to complete on each end. This will make for cleaner racks and fewer problems.

The MCat524 is perfect for touring shows and one-off shows that need to pull several Cat5e cables to different locations. Wireworks has built this new system using their existing tried and true G-Block connectors, which have been around for 25 years. The G-Blocks did the same thing for XLR runs that the MCat524 is doing for Cat5s. The G-Block connectors are very strong and protective. By using the G-Block connectors, you eliminate running the more fragile Cat5e connectors through pipes and raceways, and you also gain more protection for the actual cable as it is housed in a seriously jacketed trunk.

I can’t wait to start using this product, and I am sure it will be a standard in no time.