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Orange Bravo is an innovative, competitive community project, aimed at encouraging creativity and artistry. Artists were given the opportunity to expose their work using internet and social networks to the eyes of hundreds of thousands of people. Two million votes and visits to the website were registered throughout the project.

The highlight of the project was the establishment of the experience center, granting the project a cultural and educational added value.

The Bravo Experience creative/technical team came up with a constructed labyrinth through which the audience travels. Once a visitor enters the check-in room, he is given an Audiogarden receiver and a high-quality headset. The visitor is able to choose audio language.

The visitor moves into the pre-show room, where he is shown a short film. Next, the visitor moves into a dark space. When the visitor enters this arena, he is not aware that, in the next few minutes, he’ll be traveling through various adventures while remaining in his chair. Now the room is dark, and the visitor can only use his sense of hearing. He is taken on a musical journey throughout history: sounds from African tribal bonfires through Bach to the Beatles to Lady Gaga. When the visitor opens his eyes, he will no longer be in a dark room. The stage is turning, and now he is in a museum of fine arts where paintings and sculptures of the leading artists are projected in Rococo-style frames.

Afterwards, a new 3D world is revealed. Using layered projections of holograms projected on glass in front of other projections on black tulle and fabric, the most famous dancers of their times perform. Next is photography. On a screen designed as the inner-lining of an antique camera, the visitor learns how the first still picture was captured and then travels all the way to the daring work of David LaChapelle.

The last is the most exciting one, a white room with 3D projection space where he is exposed to different eras in design: fashion, architecture, interior design etc. After 25 minutes, the dynamic journey on the turning stage is over, but the riddle isn’t solved yet. The question emerges: Is creativity congenital or acquired? Do we acquire it along our adult life, or are we just born with it?

The visitor walks into the next room: the children’s hall. The set comprises elements from known fairytales, on which five inspiring stories of wonder-kids who were ahead of their time are projected in video-mapping. Here the journey ends, and the visitor, bearing his experiences from the entire journey, goes to the gallery on the second floor. On this floor are presented the Bravo community project winning works. Behind this stands the collective painting wall (40’x8’). On this wall, during one week, thousands of people who visited the center painted the first and largest collective work of art.

Orange-Bravo is definitely the world's first experiential-creative center.

Creative Team
Orange Israel – Partner Communications LTD, Client
Tel-Aviv Moscow Advertising Agency LTD, “Bravo” Creator and Promoter
Jiminy Creative LTD, Experience Center
Kobi Hoffmann and Ron Carmi, Artistic Directors
Sharon Dror, Liat Kalmanovich, Producers
Erez Yaniv, Set and Floor Designer
Amir Vilenski (For Ekstein), Lighting Designer
Zohar Levi, Programmer and Visual Integrator
Amit Fisher (Locomotion Studio), Animations
AVS Israel, Visual Technologies
Stage Design Group, Fabrication and Motion Control

1 Barco FLM R20+
4 Sanyo 12K LCD Projectors
18 Sanyo 6,500-Lumen LCD projectors
58 Samsung LCD Screens
32 Dataton Watchout Displays
2 Medialon Show Control
80 D.light PAR LED 64
62 Martin Professional MAC 600
8 Studio Due CityColor
26 Clay Paky Alpha Beam
22 Robe ColorSpot 1200
24 Philips Vari-Lite VL3500
2 8-lite Blinder
16 Haze Machine
6 Smoke Machine
2 MA Lighting grandMA Light
250 SoundGarden Audioguide Aurea+
1 Kinesys Motion-Controlled Turning Stage