Design Team

designer: Takayuki Yanagi
producer, Amuse: Nobuyuki Soma
director, Boat Man: Seikoh Nanya
lighting designer, TOTD: Kazuhiko Ohtake
sound designer, HIBINO: Akiyoshi Kudo
visual image designer, MCJ: Hiroyuki Furukawa
illumination, Komaden: Hideaki Tami
inflatables, Aero Tech: Minoru Osada
special effects, Hot Shot: Takashi Koike

One of the largest stages in Japan, the Deserted Dream Island Music Festival 2006 stage was 540’ (165m) wide by 82’ (25m) tall, with a KT11 used for the main roof that measured in at 125’ (38m) wide by 49’ (15m) deep. A screen over 45’ (14m) long was set at the center of the stage, with an additional 35.8’ (11m) screen placed at each wing.

To meet the client’s request to include the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of the festival, as a part of the stage, she was positioned holding two LED screens of 52.5’ (16m) wide x 33’ (10m) high.

The design concept began with the Statue of Liberty as well as a desire to create visuals based on the theme of “Bonds of people, link, connection.” The Statue of Liberty was a soft good inflated 72’ (22m) high. Since the stage itself was already so large, it was decided to have two statues in order to allow visibility from anywhere at the festival. Illuminated ellipses along the stage represented the “link” aspect of the theme as they appeared to cross over each other and connect, representing a “bond.”

The reflection of the LEDs from the inflatable statues created a dreamy atmosphere in the dark, with the hues changing several times before switching back to white under the sun during the daytime.

Selected Gear

Vari-Lite VL5s
Studio Due City Colors
PC Lights Turbo PARs
High End Systems AF-1000s
Coemar Super Cycs
EL Original Robo Search units
James Thomas Engineering PAR64s
2, 6, 8, and 9-lights
Tomcat KT-11
Tomcat truss
Shimizu Octo truss
CM motors
Layher staging