German electro pop pioneers, Kraftwerk have used the dynamic interactive and 3D features of Dataton WATCHOUT™ multi-image and presentation software, for all on-stage digital scenography for their hotly anticipated tours and concertsʼ programme throughout 2013.

Formed in 1970, Kraftwerk began using stereoscopic 3D for the MoMA concerts and ”Way out West” Swedish Rock Festival in Spring 2012. WATCHOUT manages projected 3D content on a large stage backdrop creating a powerful abstract presence in front of audiences wearing polarized 3D glasses. Two more WATCHOUT channels feed the flanking LED screens. To create the lighting effects on the four oversized illuminated keyboards, a Pixel-gate LED video controller uses an additional DVI output from the main screen using the WATCHOUT “Tier” feature. The new features of WATCHOUT version 5 enable live manipulation of content. Media objects can be positioned, rotated and moved in 3D in realtime from external control systems, musical instruments, lighting consoles, mobile devices and sensors to control on-screen elements such as images, video, Stereoscopic 3D movies and live feeds as required.

Kraftwerk concerts throughout 2013 incorporate Stereoscopic 3D effects as well as 3D sound.

Kraftwerk's performance in Düsseldorf, Germany was called The Catalogue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and took place at the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein- Westfalen from January 11 - 20. Like the MoMA shows, Kraftwerk played one album per date accompanied by 3D visuals.

Running alongside the performance programme, a photo exhibition, Kraftwerk, ran from January 11 at the Forum Nordrhein-Westfalen Museum.

In London, Kraftwerk performed at Tate Modern's cavernous Turbine Hall for eight nights between February 6-14. The concerts featured one studio album in full on each night, combined with visual backdrops and interactive 3D projections.

Kraftwerk have just announced their tour dates for Asia and Australia.

Equipment List:

  • Dataton WATCHOUT multi-image and display presentation software
  • Dual high-resolution projectors


Design Team:

  • Kraftwerk Sound, Vision, Audio

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