Home to LCT3, Lincoln Center Theater's initiative dedicated to the work of the next generation for playwrights, directors and designers, the Claire Tow Theater opened its doors after five years in the making. This 23,000-square-foot, two-story, state-of-the-art facility is home to a 112-seat theater and dressing rooms, as well as rehearsal and office space for staff and a lobby that opens onto an outdoor terrace surrounded by a green roof. This new addition to the facility furthers LCT’s programming initiatives, which are dedicated to producing the work of new artists and the development of new audiences.

In order to make sure the next generation of artists using the new theater had all of the necessary audio equipment and training to hone their skills and achieve greatness in the arts, Yorke Construction, the lead contractor on the project, turned to Masque Sound to make the LCT’s vision a reality. Masque Sound worked closely with Yorke Construction as well as design firm JaffeHolden and Tri-State AV union electricians to bring the new theater to life. The Claire Tow Theater will play a vital role in this expansion, with the theater’s productions adding a new dimension of creative activity, as well as bringing a new audience to Lincoln Center.

From panel finishes to integrating equipment into the theater’s structure, Masque Sound was very much a part of the planning process. Among the equipment provided by Masque Sound was a selection of Meyer Sound loudspeakers and system control processors.  All of the Meyer speakers installed in the facility are portable, giving users the ability to change configurations for new shows easily. Masque Sound also implemented open-architecture DSP processors from Symetrix, enabling users to control the facility’s paging system. In addition, the amount of AV panels and the connectivity that they offered allow for flexibility no matter the size or scale of the production. Other gear provided by Masque Sound include a Soundcraft Vi1 Console, Clear-Com communications system, QSC amplifiers, a Mackie 1202-VLZ3 professional compact mixer, cabling infrastructure and stage boxes, along with additional custom-AV solutions.

Each year the Claire Tow Theater produces a season of new plays and musicals in its new home. It serves not only as a nurturing arena for artists to hone their skills but also a stepping stone for these artists who, it is hoped, will continue their professional lives at Lincoln Center’s larger theatrical venues.

Design Team:

  • Production manager, Co-set designer: Ian Donald
  • Lighting designer: Bryan Leitch
  • Lighting designer/programmer: Nick Whitehouse
  • Video content and screen design: Geodezik
  • Head video designer: Mathieu St-Arnaud


  • 14 BigTow390 Winch
  • 7 BigTow290 Winch
  • 3 BigTow200 Winch
  • Control for stage and thrust elevators
  • 1 Nomad Control Console
  • 1 Solo Radia Handheld Controller
  • 4 Motor Control Cabinet
  • 1 Motion Control Rack



  • 8 Vari-Lite VL3000Q
  • 48 High End Systems Color Command
  • 468' Selador X7 LEDs (2', 4' and 6' lengths)
  • 120 Ocean Optics SeaChanger
  • 5 ETC Sensor+ 48 dimming
  • 2 ETC Sensor+ Sine Wave dimming (house lights)
  • 18 ETC Source Four PAR
  • 145 ETC Source Four 5° and 10°
  • 14 City Theatrical AutoYoke®
  • 4 ARRI 5kW Fresnel
  • 8 Wybron Nexera
  • 3 ETC Eos console (one in the rack for backup)
  • 1 ETC Emphasis console


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