BIG-O is one of the latest breathtaking multimedia installation of its kind in the world. Using world-class technology and breakthrough technical infrastructure, BIG-O is a night time spectacular that fuses cutting edge technology with show creation, while complementing a surrounding sea water lagoon with a permanent iconic structure.

Towering over the Expo Site, the 41 meters high landmark, has been directly associated with the Yeosu city - South Korea, and is currently rated as the number one attraction or show to visit. With an impressive attendance of over 100,000 people weekly, having endured the elements of inclement weather up to 3 hours in the cue to be able to witness this performance, this show has became point of unity for the audience. It is now a reference point for people from all walks of life, with different backgrounds and age group demographics. This installation has clearly broken new grounds in the events industry and the government of Yeosu has even requested to operate the show twice daily, due to the great feedback received by the viewers.

During the day, the BIG-O impressively stands alone as an iconic giant sculpture gleaming under the sun. By night the BIG-O then becomes an amazing and immersive show that plunges the audience into the heart of a multi sensory narrative. This narrative, which acts as a metaphoric vehicle, transports the people through a visual journey with innovative, breathtaking and original multimedia effects. BIG-O Experience has broken new grounds in show technology and in the events industry with new research and development conducted for the largest sea water curtain ever attempted in a multimedia show : the « Cascade Screen® » In addition to the artistic multi cultural challenge, countless hours went into the design, testing and fabrication of the new pressurized water nozzles, custom made methods and show technical structures. Over 16 months of a unique philosophy of working that gave ECA2’s engineers the ability to use various existing show elements like lighting, flames, lasers, video projections and incorporate them on to a fixed structure in a way never seen or attempted before anywhere in the world.

Equipment List:

  • Main Show Structure: BIG-O (41 meter at its apex with a 35 meter width)
  • Show sightline: 180 Degree visual angle
  • Mist Installation: 3,000 water mist nozzles
  • Laser Installation: 4 Lasers RGCY 20W
  • Video Projection: 14 Projectors High Definition (35,000 ANSI Lumens)
  • Flame Projectors: 24 Units with a flame height between 12m-10m
  • Lighting Installation: 80 moving heads with over 115,000 Watts+ of combined lighting power
  • Water Installation: 350+ water effects (24 Automated Robotic Effects with 360 DOF)
  • Water Constraints: Sea Water requires all elements to be fabricated in high grade DL Steel. All steel fabricated items needed to be corrosive and sea salt resistant.
  • Water Cascade screen ©ECA2


Design Team:

  • Producer: Jean-Christophe Canizares ECA2
  • Head of Operations & Technical Director: Guillaume Duflot ECA2
  • Screenplay, Artistic & Show Directors: Moira Smith & James Thomson ECA2
  • Big-O Architecture: Mark Fisher STUFISH
  • Construction Collaboration: HUYNDAI

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