LMG, Inc., a national provider of video, audio, and lighting support, provided lightweight LED and video projection support for the highly anticipated, premier musical performance for the biggest sporting event in the United States – the 2012 Bridgestone Superbowl XLVI Halftime Show, featuring Madonna.

For LMG, in twelve minutes, the performance represented the highest profile, largest audience, both live and commercially broadcasted, as well as the fastest event from setup to breakdown, in company history.

“We are so proud to have been able to support the creative team that designed this visually stunning performance and technical masterpiece,” states Les Goldberg, CEO/president of LMG, Inc.

Bruce Rodgers of Tribe, the Half Time Show Set Designer, engaged LMG with some unique opportunities for the visual assault including a customized LED stage and large scale projection mapping for the world stage.

In less than seven minutes, LMG’s team of Super Bowl veterans and over 500 volunteers rolled out and assembled the massive stage onto the field, comprised of 796 11.25MM lightweight FLED io11 tiles, custom constructed into fourteen LED stage carts. In addition, partnering with Tennessee-based DWP Live, LMG supported video projection, rigging 32 Barco FLM HD20 projectors flown over 150 feet in the air, to project a dazzling display of imagery, video and 3D effects onto a 149’ x 80’ surface area deployed onto the field. Madonna performed four songs, including guest performers LMFAO, Cee Lo Green, M.I.A. and Nicky Minaj, and within the twelve minute timeframe turned the stage and field projection area into everything from living VOGUE magazine covers to reverberating speakers. After the performance, breakdown and removal of the stage and projection area from the field was completed in less than seven minutes.

“It took a tremendous amount of time and effort for the team to develop and perfect a finely tuned process to make this happen, and I’d like to personally thank everyone involved for their dedication and hard work,” states Goldberg.

Equipment List:

  • 32 Barco FLM HD-20 Projectors
  • 32 Barco 2.8-5.0-HD Lenses
  • 8 Thomas Truss Custom Galaxy Truss
  • 4 1500’ Tactical Fiber Snakes w/DVI TX/RX Adapters and Distribution
  • 8 200’ Tactical Fiber Snakes w/DVI TX/RX Adapters and Distribution
  • 8 LMG Custom Fiber-CAT-5 Disconnect Boxes for Data-Control
  • 796 Basic Tech FLED 11.25mm LED Tiles
  • 3 Basic Tech MCU-380HD LED Processors
  • 2 MotionLabs 400 AMP Distros
  • 2 1400’ Tactical Fiber Snakes w/DVI TX/RX Adapters and Distribution


Design Team:

  • Bruce Rodgers, Tribe Producer
  • Charlie Weiner, LMG, Inc. Rigger for Projection
  • Doug Eldredge, LMG, Inc. LED Project Manager
  • Danny Whetstone, DWP Head Projectionist


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