Strand Lighting is planning another exciting LDI show for 2005. Visitors to the Strand Lighting booth (#650) can expect to see a host of products that will provide a number of solutions to meet the needs of Entertainment venues around the world.

Appearing at LDI for the first time is the latest dimming product from Strand Lighting; the new C21 series dimmer racks. The new racks support a wide range of dimmers including Quad 2.4 kW, Dual 2.4kW and single 6kW and 12kW SCR dimmers. There are also dual 2.4kW Sinewave modules and each features a fully symmetrical Sinewave output with less than 1% harmonic distortion.

Sinewave dimmers may be mixed and matched with standard dimmers in the same rack for complete flexibility. Strand Sinewave dimmers are not just quiet, they deliver completely silent loads ensuring complete silence. Strand C21 racks are web configurable and feature a direct Ethernet connection.

Visitors to the Strand booth will also be able to experience the new 2.9.14 console software for the 300 and 500 series desks that feature a number of enhancements to reduce set up and programming time and offer support for the latest in moving lights. Strand will also be demonstrating its 100 and 200 series desks.