ShowCAD's (booth #457) Artist 2005 incorporates many advances over the original show control system, including video-to-DMX mapping, matrixing, and macro features that are useful for LED programming, and control of up to 32,000+ DMX channels.

DMX In is also included, and MIDI, RS 232, digital, and analog input/output protocols are all employed. SMPTE and all types of timecode files from CD, DVD, AVI, MP3, and MGP files can be read and synchronized to cues and events. The system features setup wizards, automatic scene generation functions, multimedia interfacing, and WYSIWYG options. Additional features include macro programming for mirrors, yokes, and RGB parameters; live video capture to DMX; Ethernet-DMX; fixture specific templates for all DMX devices; and touchscreen user interface; remote internet control; remote radio and IR control; automatic fixture routines such as lamp on and reset; security schemes to customize system function access; and automatic archiving backup system.

Trial software can be downloaded free of charge, as well as tutorials, a demo, and pricing information.

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