Robe is holding its US launch of an LED version of the 8-Lite Molefey unit, the LEDBlinder 196 LT, and the 4-lite version, the LEDBlinder148, at LDI.

Both units are the brand’s first entertainment-based LED products and are fitted into the industry-standard 8-lite and 4-lite casings. They offer lighting, set, and scenic designers all the options of a bright blinder with the advantages of LED technology.

LEDBlinder 196 is an LED version of the 8-lite Molefey, a staple of the concert world, featuring eight LED modules, each with 12 high power Luxeon RGB LEDs. Each two or four pairs of the 4- or 8-lite modules are separately controllable for additional effects and flexibility.

This product is aimed at all stage lighting markets and television productions as well as for arenas and venue installations of all sizes. They are also particularly relevant for environments were space is tight, as the units emit virtually no heat, so the temperatures remain comfortable.

The LEDBlinder 148 is a 4-way version of the 196 with all the same features.

These fixtures come with a frost diffuser, which evenly spreads the light over a large surface area–-ideal for set and cyc washing.

Offering 16.7 million colors, the units are preprogrammed with a stand-alone color changing chase pattern and a rainbow effect. The white balance is preprogrammed via an onboard 4-digit LED control panel. This is an essential feature for TV applications.

There’s an electronic dimmer for light output adjustment from 0 to 100% (with no colour variation), and high speed white or full colour strobe between 1 and 25 f.p.s.

Robe’s LEDBlinders are DMX controllable and include an auto-trigger option. Operation modes are master/slave or stand-alone. Each LEDBlinder has six built in programs and three user-editable programs of up to 30 steps each. All DMX channels can be manually controlled via the LED control panel.

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