The RC4 Wireless Dimming system (booth #1805) makes another technological leap forward with the launch of the new RC4-FlexTX transmitter.

FlexTX provides up to 128 wireless control channels, four times more than the original RC4-TX32D. It also provides a number of new dimmer control features that make the RC4 system the most versatile available, according to the company.

“Honestly, most of our users don’t need more than 32 channels; most don’t even use that many. But there are some applications where more channels can really help, and we’ve addressed that issue with the FlexTX,” explains James David Smith, the designer of the RC4 system. “But what will interest most people much more, in my opinion, are the new FlexTX dimmer features. Voltage Reference Dimming (VRD) lets you power 12V lamps with source batteries that are higher in voltage, like commonly available 14.4V and 18V rechargeable power tool batteries.” And VRD is actually much more powerful than that. Target output voltage can be adjusted in 0.1V increments, and the system adjusts for battery voltage fluctuations in real time so the output appears consistent, even as the battery charge deteriorates.

Another new feature for wireless dimmers is Digital Persistence (DP). “This feature takes the harsh edginess out of solid-state light sources,” says Smith. “Our core dimmer resolution is a remarkable 1328 steps--far more than the 256 steps of DMX--so we can dim an LED very, very smoothly. Our DP smoothing feature can make an LED appear very much like a 20W MR16. It’s a much warmer effect and works especially well when adding LEDs to a design that is primarily incandescent.”

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